Saturday, December 13, 2014

Meet Our Bride: Ann

I had a lovely experience at Madeleine's Daughter, I was so well taken care of and the girl that helped us was very service minded and helpful. I had a very good idea of what I didn't want and not so much of what I wanted. She helped me open my mind and try many different kinds of dresses so in the end I actually fell in love with a style that I had told her I didn't want but once on, it really fitted my body type and style of wedding. She was awesome! And it really helped me to have her tell me I was only allowed to keep a certain amount of dresses in the room as "possibles" because I had to really think about each dress as a yes or no right away and go with my first feeling.

We had to postpone our wedding for a year and Madeleine's Daughter was happy to store the paid dress for me during that time. I kept in touch during the year giving updates on our story and never once was there any issues that I kept the dress in the store for such a long time. I have been recommending the store to anyone getting married after my own wonderful experience.

All photos courtesy of Eric McCallister Photography

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