Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FACT or FICTION: Wedding Attire Myths

This post is the last in our "Fact or Fiction" series that is designed to help educate all of our brides, both current and future. In each post, we've de-bunked some common myths relating to the bridal industry. Today we'll tack another:

FACT or FICTION: You shouldn't buy the first dress you put on at the first store you visit and you definitely shouldn't buy a dress if you don't cry when you put it on.


Yet again, we've got a very common misconception that many brides succumb to. In this case, you'll find your friends and family discouraging you from purchasing a dress because "it's the first one you tried on- there are so many others to try on!" For some reason, many brides feel like it's not okay to purchase the first dress they try on! But did you know that in our shop, approximately 60% of our brides buy the first dress they try on with us and 80% buy their dress at their first appointment.

And while it's true that many brides (and their families) cry when they put on "the one," if you don't have that moment, it doesn't make your choice any less authentic! Follow your instincts. If you think it's "the one," then it probably is. For many brides, the moment they cry comes afterwards- maybe it's when they try on a veil with the dress, or maybe it's not until after their fittings when the dress finally fits properly. Regardless, just because you don't cry over a dress doesn't mean it isn't the one. Ask yourself these questions:

Do I love it?
Can I see myself getting married in this dress?
Do I want to try on any other dresses?

If you answered yes, yes and no, then chances are pretty good it's the one! Go for it and don't look back!

We hope you've enjoyed our "fact or fiction" series. Did we cover all the topics relevant to you? Do you have other questions about the wedding-planning process or shopping for a bridal gown? Leave a comment and we'll be glad to answer any questions you might have! 

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