Tuesday, October 28, 2014

FACT or FICTION: Wedding Attire Myths

We hope you like this new series we've started all about wedding day myths. There is enough pressure and stress involved with planning a wedding that you shouldn't feel the need to conform to all the "you have to do X's" that people will throw at you. So we're trying to dispel some of the myths and help you determine what is fact and what is fiction in planning your wedding day attire.

FACT or FICTION: My wedding is a year away, so I have plenty of time to peruse hundreds of websites and visit dozens of shops, trying on multitudes of dresses to find the perfect gown. Also, I'm planning to lose weight, so I should wait to shop for my gown when I've reached my goal weight.


Let's break it down for you: most bridal gowns are special ordered, meaning you don't buy off the rack. How long does it take to special order a gown? 5-8 months depending on the designer and whether or not you are making any custom changes. Most gowns fall closer to the 5-6 month range. But that doesn't mean you can wait until 6 months before the wedding because you still have to take alterations into consideration. Bridal gowns are extremely difficult to alter and you should only go to a well-qualified bridal seamstress. Most seamstresses require two or three months from start to finish for bridal gowns and offer appointments on a first-come, first served basis. What does that mean for your timeline? You don't want to have to rush straight to the seamstress the minute your dress arrives, so order far enough in advance that your dress arrives 4-6 months before your wedding date. This allows you time to shop for your accessories- an important thing to do before your alterations begin.

As for shopping on hundreds of websites and in dozens of stores, trying on multitudes of dresses, this is also a myth. All gowns fall into one of five silhouettes:

1.) Ball gown
2.) A-line
3.) Mermaid or trumpet
4.) Empire
5.) Sheath

When you start trying on dresses, you simply need to start by narrowing it down to the silhouette that works best for your body. From there, the choice will be much more limited and will feel a LOT less overwhelming.

Finally, let's address this whole weight loss thing. Nearly every bride plans to lose weight and tone up for the big day. However, for the same reasons mentioned above in regards to timeline, you really need to buy the dress now and have it altered to fit your new body. Every bridal gown needs alterations to achieve a perfect fit and the cost doesn't vary greatly if the sides are being taken in a half inch versus two inches. It's all the same seam that the seamstress needs to sew. So, order the dress now and then hit the gym!

The bottom line is that when you're in professional hands (like ours), we'll give you all this important information and help you navigate the sometimes tricky process of finding your dream bridal gown. Call us today to schedule your first consultation! 

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