Tuesday, October 14, 2014

FACT or FICTION: Wedding Attire Myths

There are a lot of wedding attire "rules" that brides and grooms feel compelled to follow. But why? Where do these "rules" come from and why should modern couples feel obligated to carry on these traditions? We're going to be dispelling some wedding attire myths in this series of "Fact or Fiction" posts.

FACT or FICTION: A wedding gown must be white, however, you shouldn't wear white if it is not your first marriage or if you are not a virgin.


In today's society, this is a very antiquated idea, and we are inclined to agree. If you choose to wear white for your wedding it should be because you feel the best and most beautiful in that color. Choosing off-white or ivory doesn't mean that you aren't chaste or pure.

Queen Victoria established the trend of wearing white when she did so in 1840, however it was purely a sartorial choice. History tells us that she was very fond of a certain piece of lace that she wanted to incorporate into her bridal gown. The lace was white, therefore her gown was made in white. Her bridal photo was widely published and her color choice soon became the trend that hasn't stopped. (And you thought Sarah Jessica Parker was a fashion trend-setter!) Prior to her choice, many bridal gowns were silver or even red. Color wasn't incredibly relevant.

At some point, white became a symbol of purity and virginity and the matching white veil reinforced that idea. These days, it's not uncommon for brides to wear white regardless of their sexual status, often wearing some shade of white even after cohabiting with their future spouse for months or even years before the marriage. And if you are a virgin who chooses to wear ivory, don't think of it as being scandalous- you should wear the shade of white that most flatters your skin tone- whether bright white or deep ivory.

Not sure which shade of white is best for you?

Bright white is your color if you have dark or olive skin or if your undertones are very cool. A very small percentage of the population truly looks best in bright white, but if you fall into that category, go for it!

Off white or ivory is your color if you have lighter skin or your undertones are very warm and peachy. The vast majority of the American population looks best in off-white, diamond white or ivory. It's not nearly as harsh on your skin tone as true white.

If you're still unsure, schedule an appointment at a bridal shop (ours, preferably!) and actually try on the different shades. You'll be amazed at how white many ivory and off-white gowns appear to be, especially when you're the only person wearing that color! Ultimately, it's about finding the color you look and feel the best in. 

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