Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding! Or Ivory! Or Champagne! Or Blush!

Did you know that an extremely small percentage of brides actually end up wearing white on their wedding day? That's because most bridal gowns aren't a "true" shade of white. True white is so bright, it actually has blue undertones, making it extremely unflattering on the majority of skin tones. Off white, diamond white and ivory are the most popular bridal gown colors because their undertones are warmer and more flattering to most skin tones. In fact, of the 500 bridal gowns in our shop right now, roughly 1% of them are actually white. 

Surprised by this? It's one of many gown myths we'll be addressing in the coming weeks. If you've heard a statement about bridal gowns and would like to know if it's fact or fiction, leave a comment below or email us today! 

Getting back to color, while about 85% of first-time brides choose some shade of white (ivory, diamond white, natural, etc.) for their bridal gown, there are a handful who choose a slightly bolder color. 

Of the brides who choose NOT to wear some shade of white or ivory, about 24% choose blush instead. This amazing gown by Watters is actually a two-piece design with an English net skirt and a lace appliqued bodice. Stunning! 

Even more popular than blush is champagne and gold. Roughly 46% of first time brides who choose not to wear white choose this color instead. Many dresses are available in golds, champagnes and even taupes. Even brides who love ivory lace often select a darker color beneath it. 

The tradition of wearing white on your wedding day isn't as old as you might think. It was actually Queen Victoria who established the trend when she chose white for her wedding. Prior to that, in much of Europe it was customary to simply wear a nice, new dress, most popularly silver in color, although any color was acceptable including black. Brides wore dresses that suited their social status and in any case wore the best that they could afford. After Queen Victoria wore white, many brides followed suit. Perhaps this is the first example of the media helping to establish a trend, since a photo of Queen Victoria in her white gown was widely published. Many people today believe that white symbolizes virginity or purity, and although that has become its meaning to many people in the last 100 years, it was not the original intent of that color choice. 

Fascinating, isn't it? How do you feel about wedding gown color choice? Would you wear white or ivory? What about blush or champagne? How about red or black? Leave a comment and tell us what you think! 

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