Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nail the Veil!

In our Finishing Touches appointments, we often observe how it can be more difficult for the bride to choose her veil than it was to say yes to the dress! Honestly, it's a common situation because most brides are shopping for a veil for the first time in their lives, so it's reasonable to expect a bit of a learning curve.

We covered the different lengths and edgings of veils recently, but thought we'd review this topic because it's such a frequent discussion here! Also, you might know all the terminology, but even so, it can be tricky to pair the perfect veil to your dress.

Here are some basic veil "rules" to follow:

1.) The more formal your gown, the longer the veil should be.
2.) The longer the veil, the longer (and leaner) you will look.
3.) Always shop for your veil with your gown on. It's impossible to choose a veil when you're wearing jeans. It just is.

Other than that, just follow your instincts! You'll know if you love it or hate it once you try it on, so be open to all lengths and edgings to start. And if you need help, just book a Finishing Touches appointment and we'll find the perfect veil for you then!

For some inspiration, take a look at some of our past brides and their choices- you might see something you love!

First, we'll show you the brides who opted for a "short" veil, meaning fingertip length or shorter:

Photo Credit: www.iamsarahv.com

And now for the "long" veils- anything longer than fingertip length, we consider "long." 

 Regardless of which length you prefer, you HAVE to agree that a veil adds a touch of drama that no other accessory can match! When brides say to us that they don't want to wear a veil, we always encourage them to just try one on. And guess what? The majority of the time, they completely change their minds and end up wearing one! It's one thing that can really make you feel like a bride (if the white gown isn't enough- lol)!

We hope you've enjoyed this post about veils. What are your thoughts on wearing one? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think! 

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