Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Meet Our Bride: Janeen

Since the "Meet Our Bride" posts have become so popular, we decided to post them more frequently than just on Saturdays. Of course, this won't be a regular additional post, but instead we'll surprise you with a bonus "Meet Our Bride" every once in a while!

Today, we'd like you to meet Janeen!

I went to Madeleine's Daughter to find my wedding gown because I wanted to have the full bridal experience and that's what I got.  Those who watch Say Yes To The Dress know what I mean...Madeleine's will give you that experience without spending the money to travel to NYC!  Myself, my bridesmaids, and mother were given our own private room to sit in while we waited, and our consultant Kerry came in to meet us and make as comfortable.  Kerry got to know me quickly and was able to start pulling multiple dresses in my price range and style.  I had a fear that I may not be able to find alot of dresses to try on because I am a bigger gal, and not alot of stores carry sample sizes big enough for me to try on, this was NOT a problem at Madeleine's... I found that I was able to fit in almost all of the dresses Kerry pulled for me and fell in love with many of them.  The last dress I tried on was THE dress I had my eye on and the one I ended up buying.  I had so many compliments on my gown even before my wedding day! My bridesmaids also purchased their dresses from Madeleine's and I truly believe I have not seen such gorgeous gowns for a bridal party before.  I would highly recommend going to Madeline's to look for dresses and much more.

All photos courtesy of Billye Donya Photography

Are YOU a Madeleine's Daughter bride who would like to be featured here on our blog? Email us today with photos and a testimonial of your experience in our shop! Tell us all about it and you just might see yourself here! 

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