Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair

Whether or not you're going to San Francisco, it's a great idea to wear some flowers in your hair, especially on your wedding day! To help you navigate this potentially tricky accessory, we enlisted the help of Kathie Colella, owner of Jardiniere Flowers in Portsmouth, NH. She had some great advice for brides who wish to incorporate flowers into their wedding day hairstyles!

MD: What are the best (and worst) flower choices for brides to wear in their hair?
Kathie: Stephanotis and dendrobium orchids are the best choice because they are lightweight and long-lasting. If you cluster them together, it can look like one big flower- it's beautiful AND dramatic. The worst choices are hydrangea, peony, garden rose and gardenia. The reasons are simple: hydrangea requires a water source, making it a poor choice for a headpiece. Peony and garden rose are both very heavy, making it difficult to secure them in place and also somewhat uncomfortable to wear. Finally, gardenia has a tendency to yellow or brown quickly, so it isn't a good choice for such a long day.

MD: How do you construct a flower headpiece so that it is easy for a hair stylist to incorporate?
Kathie: I put the flowers on wires and then use floral tape to hold them together. All a hair stylist has to do to complete their look is to bobby pin them in place. I make them extremely easy to use.

MD: That sounds like a lot of work for you. Is it expensive to have these flowers made?
Kathie: Not at all- they run just a few dollars each and are actually simple for me to make. What is more expensive are the floral wreaths that some brides love to wear. Those run closer to $100, depending on the flower choice. However, it's a popular accessory for brides and also for their adorable flower girls.

Are you considering adding real flowers to your wedding day attire? Or did you already have your wedding and wore flowers as part of your ensemble? Either way, leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts! We'd love to know what you think about this type of look!

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