Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How to Be an Amazing Wedding Guest

Last week on the blog, we discussed the importance of being a good host and hostess at the wedding and how to achieve that. This week, we'd like to talk about how to be a great wedding guest. Since there are a lot of couples these days who are choosing to forego a lot of the traditional wedding day events, it's important that they make sure their guests are informed about what to expect- dress code, timeline, local information, etc. Most couples these days create a wedding website which includes information about the venue, local hotel accommodations, the timeline and location of wedding events including day-of, etc. As a guest, start there and only once you've thoroughly read through all the available information and still not found the answer you need should you contact the couple. Even better than contacting the couple is to contact the best man or maid of honor, especially if it's close to the wedding (week of or closer). How else can you be a terrific guest at a wedding? Read on!

1.) RSVP in a timely manner and respect how it was addressed. Do NOT assume a "plus one" unless your invitation specifically states "and Guest." Also, do NOT assume children are welcome unless the invitation includes them. The most costly aspect of the wedding is taking care of the guests- catering specifically. They have asked for your reply by a specific date for a reason. The caterer and reception venue need a final head count, obviously, but there might be less obvious reasons for the deadline. Consider a couple that is trying to keep their guest list low and therefore not invited everyone they want to. They may then receive a dozen "no's" which could allow them to invite a few more friends and family that had previously been cut from the list. Whatever their reason for giving you a deadline, respect it and RSVP on time.

2.) Arrive on time. This requires no explanation.

3.) Unplug. You owe it to the couple to give them your undivided attention at the very least for their ceremony. Silence, or better yet turn off your phone including the camera. Don't check facebook during the vows, or text your buddies at the bar around the corner during dinner. Be present. They've invited you for a reason. And back to the picture-taking part of unplugging, you should respect the fact that they've hired a photographer to document their day and leave the picture-taking to them at least for the ceremony. #lettheprofessionalsdotheirthing

4.) Drink responsibly. "Open bar" does NOT mean you should get obliterated. The couple wants you to enjoy yourself and they've paid for your dinner and drinks to help make that happen. It's generous of them, don't you think? You should pace yourself and avoid getting drunk.

5.) Dress appropriately. Not sure what the description on the invitation means? Check out this fabulous cheat sheet by The Knot.

6.) Under NO circumstances should you contact the bride or groom on the day of the wedding or even the day before. If all of your questions couldn't be answered on their invitation and/or wedding website, as a responsible, repsectful guest, you probably should have figured that out sometime prior to the last 24 hours before the big event.

Ultimately, it's actually pretty easy to be a great guest. Follow these simple rules and you'll not only enjoy yourself, you'll help the bride and groom have an amazing day as well. And isn't that what it's really all about?

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