Thursday, June 26, 2014

Guest Post: The Wedding Belle

Brides today are getting increasingly creative in so many different areas of their wedding planning. One major trend is that's gotten very creative is the guest book. Today's guest post from The Wedding Belle focuses on this fun, quirky trend!

Today’s bride has been finding more and more ways to add a creative spin to the traditional Guest Book becoming more interactive than having to just sign a page. Guest Books are becoming more popular to leave out displayed in homes after the wedding.

A new trend that has started to emerge is the idea of having a tree design with both the Bride and Grooms names and the date of the event. Guests will then use a colored stamp pad (colors of the wedding or colors of the season) to leave their mark on a printed or painted canvas. Once the ink has dried guests can then sign the leaf or flower they had made. It’s a great piece that can then be framed and hung up for all to see for years to come.

Photo credit: Sarah Vanessa Photography
Photo Credit: Sarah Vanessa Photography
Photo Credit: Martin Haseman Photography
Have a photo booth set up during the Wedding Reception. Guests can have fun dressing up with props and can leave a goofy picture for the Bride and Groom to see at the end of the night. This adds a fun twist to the traditional guest book adding fun memorable photos.

Read the rest of the post on the Wedding Belle's blog here. What do you think of these creative guest book ideas? Is it something you might consider for your wedding? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts!


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