Monday, May 5, 2014

MOB/MOG Finishing Touches

As you likely already know, we're slightly obsessed with the finishing touches of the looks we help to create. As much as we love the gowns, accessories come in a close second for our affections. But it's not just bridal gowns that we love to accessorize. Mothers need jewelry, too!

After you've been through the stress of choosing the perfect gown to wear to your son or daughter's wedding, then comes the fun of picking out amazing accessories to finish your look. These should not be just any accessories, either. The pieces you select will be keepsakes from an incredibly special day and every time you open your closet and see your beaded clutch or open your jewelry box and see the earrings and bracelet you wore on that day, you'll be reminded of all the joy that you felt watching your child on such a momentous occasion.

When your gown arrives in our store, you'll want to schedule your own finishing touches appointment with your stylist. They will help you create the best look from head-to-toe, starting with undergarments and finishing with jewelry. It's fun and easy when you're working with the right person. We put together a few simple mother's looks to serve as inspiration for you!

Our lovely model Kristin looks perfectly elegant in a simple jersey gown with silver chandelier earrings and black shoes and clutch.
For the fashion-forward mom, a one-shoulder gown is ideal. The simple, neutral accessories let the dress be the star, but they're still special and oh-so sparkly!
For the mom who wants the ultra-glamorous look, we've decked Kristin out in bling from head to toe! Statement jewelry is the way to go for such a sophisticated, formal look.
We hope you're feeling inspired to complete your own mother of the bride or groom look now that you've found the gown. Call us today to book your finishing touches appointment!

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