Saturday, May 3, 2014

Meet Our Bride: Hannah Joy

If you read our "Meet Our Bride" posts regularly, you probably think that every single bride who walks through our doors experiences nothing but sunshine and rainbows. But the truth is that just like anything else, we're not perfect. We don't always get it right on the first try, and we're fortunate to have brides like Hannah Joy- brides who are willing to give us a second chance. And sometimes it's the second time around that's magical:

All of the staff was friendly and professional. My second consultant, Sadie, really listened to me and made me feel like the only real bride in the store. But my first experience was horrible. I know my experience is not typical, I do not even remember the name of the first consultant, but I would like to share my whole experience with you. 

I got engaged in November and married in March, just 4 months. Everyone told me it was too short a time to get a dress so I started shopping for dresses before I had an actual engagement ring on my finger. And, I was planning a wedding in NH when I was living in NY. My friends were also strewn about the country so getting the people together to go dress shopping was a challenge.  

I had two appointments at Madeleine's Daughter. The first one was awful. I was late due to weather and at the end of a rushed appointment, I was told that Madeleine's Daughter had nothing that would work for me and I would have to have something custom made because of my buxom figure and my budget.  I left very confused because all my research indicated Madeleine's had one of the largest selections in New England. I felt that the consultant did not take me seriously and did not listen closely to what I wanted in a wedding dress. I left so angry that I did not ever want to step foot in the store again. I resolved to buy my dress in New York City. But, My friend, who bought her dress at Madeleine's a year or so earlier, convinced me to try working with the consultant that helped her. I set up another appointment for the day after Thanksgiving with Sadie.  

Sadie was magic! I didn't realize I set an appointment on Black Friday and that there would be a Sample Sale going on so I was completely overwhelmed walking into the store. But, Sadie had contacted me ahead of the appointment so she already knew what I was looking for and that I had a poor experience previously shopping for dresses. Sadie had several beautiful things ready for me to try on. She was also a "rock star" about snagging the sample dress that caught my eye on another bride. "Darling" fit perfectly. Sadie was totally in my court and gave me the right advice about the dresses I was considering. She made me feel like the only bride in the store and really listened to what I wanted for my wedding dress. 

Unexpectedly being able to have an amazingly unique Jenny Packham dress in my price range for our Winter Lodge Weekend in NH made the search worth it. I felt like a movie star on the day of my wedding. My friends still tell me how gorgeous I looked. Thank you.

Not only did Hannah Joy give us a second chance, but she also took the time to write a thoughtful and truthful testimonial- she truly is a special bride that we were lucky to have. We wish you the best and brightest future and a long and happy marriage, Hannah Joy!

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