Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Matching Your Bridesmaids to Your Bridal Gown

You've done it- you've found the gown! Your dream dress has been ordered and you couldn't be more thrilled! Everyone has told you that once you choose a bridal gown, then all the other decisions can be more easily made since everything takes its cue from you. While this is true, sometimes it's not always obvious what works best based on your dress. To try to de-mystify things for you, we're going to help you choose the best bridesmaid dress for your bridal gown today. We'll cover different fabrics, silhouettes, etc. to help your bridal party look perfect next to you.

If you're at all uncertain about which direction to take with your bridesmaid dresses, we recommend you start with fabric and then silhouette. Determine what the bridesmaids should wear based on the fabric and silhouette of your dress. They don't have to match you, but they should definitely compliment you.

For example, if you have a satin ballgown, you should probably choose satin bridesmaid dresses in a long silhouette. A satin ballgown is a formal look, so choose bridesmaids dresses that are formal as well- formal fabric and formal length.

From left to right, the bridesmaid dresses are as follows: Bill Levkoff #787, Dessy #2851, Amsale #G648T, all of which would work with the Eve of Milady beaded satin ballgown pictured. The Bill Levkoff and Dessy are both satin gowns, so the sheen of the fabric is exactly like the bridal gown. The Amsale is made of taffeta, and it has a bit more texture to it than satin. It's similar in terms of the overall sheen and weight of the fabric, so it works well next to the bridal gown.

Of course, not everyone has a satin ballgown. Some brides choose a much slimmer, softer fabric and silhouette, like this Jenny Yoo chiffon dress:

From left to right, the bridesmaid dresses pictured are as follows: Bill Levkoff #477, Amsale #G426C, and Watters #3538. If your dress is chiffon, it's likely very light and flowy. Choose bridesmaids that are also made in chiffon and they'll look perfect next to you. Whether you choose long or short, they'll look fabulous because if they're short, they'll match the lightness of your dress and if they're long, they'll match the silhouette of your dress. You can't go wrong either way.
Lace is a very popular bridal textile these days, and brides often wonder what will look best next to their lace gown. The truth is that nearly anything will, but always consider the overall feeling of your particular lace gown. Some lace gowns are very ornate and formal, while others can be so casual as to border on bohemian. We chose the more elegant end of the spectrum, with a gown by Marisa that can easily be worn in a very formal setting, or it can be dressed down for a more casual environment.
From left to right, the bridesmaid dresses pictured are as follows: Amsale #G837U, Watters #5212, Jim Hjelm #5378. As you can see, there are three different textiles represented in the bridesmaid dresses. There's a tulle dress (Ansale), a lace dress (Watters) and a chiffon dress (Jim Hjelm). All three work equally well with the gown because the gown is made with a very light, flowy organza with lace appliqued on top of it. The lightness of the three bridesmaid dress choices compliment the bridal gown perfectly, but each in their own unique way. Our personal favorite is the lace bridesmaid dress, even though the lace isn't quite the same as the bridal gown. It still works so well and the peplum perfectly mimics the tiered layer of the bridal gown.
Don't see a style that you think would work with your bridal gown? Make an appointment to work with our amazing bridesmaid stylists and they'll help you figure it out!

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