Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Make a STATEMENT! A Statement necklace, that is...

Accessorizing a bridal gown is very tricky to do. It's very easy to over-accessorize, and it's also difficult to achieve a style that's "you" that also works in such a formal setting. That's because most of us don't wander around in formalwear very often. The learning curve on how to accessorize a bridal gown is incredibly steep. And while it's nice to draw inspiration from the red carpet, that can often be a far too trendy route for most brides. After all, you don't want to look at the photo on the mantle in twenty years and say to yourself, "What on earth was I thinking?"

So, how do you achieve a modern look that's also timeless? The answer is simple: wear a statement necklace. Not just any statement necklace, of course. It should have a distinctly bridal feel to it, and you can achieve that by choosing something made with rhinestones or pearls or both. If you opt for something very colorful, that can work as well, depending on the overall styling of your wedding.

Here are some fabulous choices for a statement necklace worthy of a bridal gown:

I wish you could see these beauties in person- these photographs just aren't doing them justice. They way they sparkle in person is absolutely amazing.
You may be wondering if a statement necklace will work with your particular gown. It's true that not all gowns work well with a necklace- statement or otherwise. Be sure to wear a bold necklace only if your gown is relatively simple in design. What I mean is that there shouldn't be a lot to compete with the necklace and vice versa. A simpe gown often does the best to accentuate a bold piece of jewelry, while the more ornate dresses often necessitate a simpler jewelry choice. If you're uncertain, simply make a "Finishing Touches" appointment to work with an accessories stylist who can help determine the best look for you and your gown!
Our bride Tara did exactly that- and her Finishing Touches appointment was a blast. Finding the perfect statement necklace was actually pretty easy- the first one she tried on was "the one!" It was a spectacular rhinestone necklace by Elizabeth Cole:

Isn't is amazing? "Spectacular" and "amazing" hardly do this necklace justice. Tara's gown was very simple, so the bold necklace choice worked perfectly as you can see:

What do you think of the statement necklace trend? Did you wear an amazing statement necklace on your wedding day? Want to tell us all about it? Email us today!

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