Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Getting Ready

The morning of the wedding is a time that you should try to keep as calm and relaxing as possible. Planning ahead is the best way to assure yourself a quiet, calm environment for getting ready that day. If you have a wedding planner, they will put together a timeline for you and all your vendors, but if you don't have someone to do that for you, make sure you take the time to put that list together yourself.

In order to make the morning of your wedding run as smoothly as possible, here is some advice for the getting dressed portion of the day for you and your attendants!

1.) Hang your dress up! Assuming your dress is in a garment bag, once you arrive in the room where you are getting ready, you should take it out of the bag. Hang your dress in a place where it is not only out of the way, but also in a somewhat "pretty" or attractive location so that your photographer can snap some photos of it while you're having your hair and make-up done.

2.) Hang the bridesmaid dresses up, too! All of the dresses should be out of their garment bags by the morning of the wedding to help the fabric breathe and let any wrinkles that have occurred start to relax.  
3.) Put all of your accessories together. Again, this is partly to stay organized, but also to give your photographer a chance to snap photos of the details of each piece.
4.) PLAN! It sounds silly, but you should actually think about and plan out the process of you and your bridal party getting dressed the morning of the wedding. Assuming everyone is getting ready together, have your bridesmaids get dressed first. Then, they can help you into your dress and all the photos of them zipping you up or lacing up your corset will be a lot nicer because they'll already be in their dresses! The other part that needs careful planning is the hair and make-up process. Make sure you speak to your hair and make-up artists about how much time is needed for each party member and don't forget the moms!
5.) Before you put the dress on, wash your hands. Whomever is helping you dress should wash their hands, too. Avoid using a lot of lotions and perfumes as they can stain the dress. Also, if you plan on getting a spray tan for the wedding, do it several days in advance. The last thing you want is for the inside of your dress to be stained brown!
6.) Do not wear a bra the morning of your wedding. The straps can leave marks on your skin that might not quite fade before you walk down the aisle.
7.) Budget about 30-45 minutes to get dressed. This might seem like a long time and it's unlikely you'll use the entire time. However, once you're dressed, you will want to have time to get a good long look in the mirror to make sure everything is just right. You don't want to feel rushed as you get ready and you will regret not taking a few moments to double check you haven't forgotten anything.
Have you thought much about your plan for getting dressed on the morning of your wedding? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts! 

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