Monday, April 28, 2014

MOB Mystery: Coordinating MOB and MOG

For the past few weeks, as we approach Mother's day and our huge Mother's sale in our shop, we've been posting some blog articles all about choosing the right mother of the bride or groom dress. In addition to being the hostess of the wedding, the mother of the bride is supposed to be the 2nd most formally dressed person at the wedding, second only to her daughter. The mother of the groom is considered the most-honored guest and should be third in formality.

One common misconception is that the mothers should coordinate or match their looks with the colors of the wedding and the bridal party. This couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, as such distinguished attendees, they should instead concern themselves with choosing the most flattering style and color of dress that will make them look and feel the best. As far as color coordinating with the wedding party, the only thing they need to be sure of is that they are not wearing the same color, or one that is too similar. Standing out from the bridesmaids is actually a good thing! Once the bride has chosen the color for her bridesmaids, the mothers can choose any other color they like. Etiquette dictates that the mother of the bride choose the style and color of her dress first, before the mother of the groom. They should not wear the same color.

I can explain until the cows come home, but it might just be easier to show some fabulous coordinating mothers gowns!

For a formal, fancy wedding, these moms would look spectacular in these dresses! Each dress is a unique style, but they are on the same level in terms of beadwork and formality. Both are jewel tones, so they compliment each other without being too matchy-matchy.
This is another great formal look, but the fabrics and colors are more appropriate for late fall or early spring. Even though one is a jewel tone and the other more neutral, they work well together because the neutral is deep and rich.
This is another complimentary pair of mother's dresses that work beautifully together, but don't match. That's really the key- complimenting without matching. If the dresses are either too similar or too different, it will just look odd. These bright colors look great together and the fabrics are similar in how they drape and flow, but they are different. Each has just a touch of beadwork that really functions as more of an accent.
This is another great example of complimentary colors, fabrics and embellishments. Each dress is similar in the weight of the fabric, although the navy dress is a crepe and the purple dress is a jersey. They each have a touch of embelishment, but it's small. And the two colors are deep and rich, so again they compliment.
This final pairing would be ideal for a summer wedding as both dresses are made of the lightest fabrics available. Silk shantung and irridescent chiffon are both great choices for a summer event. Again, equivalent jewel tones work well together.
It's hardest for the mother of the groom, because she's taking her cue from the mother of the bride and doing her best to compliment and create a pair that will look good in photos for years to come. It's a little easier for the mother of the bride because she gets to choose first and set the tone. Of course, we don't expect mothers of brides or grooms to be able to navigate all these complicated rules by themselves- that's what we're here for! Most people think that our focus is just on the bride, but the truth is that the best person to help shop for the mothers is the person who helped the bride find her gown. Call us today if the bride in your wedding found her gown here. We'll pair you with the same stylist and they'll help YOU find the perfect mother's gown.

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