Monday, April 21, 2014

MOB Etiquette: Why You Should Wear a Long Dress

We recently mentioned here on the blog that many couples are foregoing many of the traditional etiquette rules in favor of  representing themselves- their style and personality. While this is fine for many things like the wording on your invitations or the attire chosen, there are still some rules everyone should follow. Many of the remaining rules have to do with the mothers. For example, it's still expected that the MOB (mother of the bride) be more formally dressed than anyone else at the wedding besides her daughter. As the most honored guest, the MOG (mother of the groom) should be third in terms of formality.

That brings us to today's blog post because formality is very easily distinguished by the length of the dress. As long as the bride is wearing a full-length gown, the mothers should also be in full-length. Their attire distinquishes them from the rest of the guests at the wedding and the worst faux pas would be for a guest to be more formally dressed than the mothers.

In addition to looking the most appropriate for the wedding, long dresses are the most flattering almost 100% of the time. And who doesn't want to look her best for her son or daughter's wedding?  Long does not have to mean cumbersome or full or hot- the most common objections to long dresses. You can be comfortable any time of year in a long gown if you choose the right fabric and silhouette.  The longer the dress, the more tall and slender you will appear- even if you aren't wearing tall heels!

With short dresses, you have to be certain to find the perfect length to flatter your legs. At the knee? Above the knee? Below the knee? Tea length? With a floor length dress there's no guess work- just take it straight down to the floor and it will look amazing no matter your body type!

Of course, if wearing a long dress is going to make you feel uncomfortable, then throw these rules right out the window because there is one rule that trumps all others and that is: Choose the dress that makes you feel the best- the silhouette, length, style and color should all come together to make you feel beautiful and if you break the rules in the process, so be it!

Check back again soon for more about how to choose the perfect mother's gown!  

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