Saturday, April 5, 2014

Meet Our Bride: Shannon

Kerry was my consultant when I came in to look for dresses and she was amazing! Every dress she pulled was the type of thing I wanted and she of course pulled MY dress within the first 5 I saw.  She listened to me and understood the style I was looking for. I wanted my godmother to be able to see my dress so Kerry let us come back for a later appointment slot so I could show her the dress and get her opinion. I also opted to have Madeleine's Daughter do the alterations because of all the detail on my dress and it was so easy! My seamstress Cheryl was awesome! She clearly had plenty of experience, even with my specific dress, and all of her suggestions were great. She even helped with undergarment suggestions- who knew that was going to be harder than finding the dress?! She made sure the dress fit me perfectly, she addressed all of my concerns and made sure it was exactly what I wanted it to be.  It was overall a great experience, thanks to everyone for their help!

What a stunning bride in an equally stunning dress! Want to show off your amazing wedding day photos? Email us today- tell us about your experience at Madeleine's Daughter and don't forget to attach photos!

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