Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Found the Gown! Now What?

You've said "Yes to the Dress," you've "Found the Gown," however you phrase it, you've just knocked a HUGE item off of your wedding to-do list. Congratulations! It's very exciting to have found your dream dress, but what's the next step? Your gown sets the tone for everything else in the wedding, and it's important not to hesitate too long in taking the next steps!

If you ordered a dress from a designer, as many brides do, it will likely be several months before the gown arrives. Depending on when the gown arrives in relation to your wedding date, you might not wait until the gown arrives to do some of these things. For everything on this list, the sooner you get it done, the less stress you'll experience.

1.) Choose your bridesmaid dresses. Assemble your ladies and make an appointment at a shop. As the bride, you should have a clear idea of what you're looking for. We've written several posts here on the blog about bridesmaid dress selection, so start there if you don't already have a plan!
Our bride Emily wearing Lorie by Maggie Sottero and her bridesmaids in Jim Hjelm
Photography Credit: Pat Piasecki Photography

2.) Pick out the groom's attire as well as his party's attire. Suits? Tuxes? Something casual- again, your gown has set the tone for the wedding and you should be the most formal, but he should compliment you. If you're in a casual sheath, he probably shouldn't be in tails. Conversely, if you're in a ballgown, he most definitely SHOULD be in a tux, or at the very least a nice suit.

Our groom Chris is here with his groomsmen all in a suit by After Six that they got from our sister store Soiree!

3.) Help the moms select their dresses. This is another topic we've covered here on the blog and one that definitely requires some etiquette, so be sure to get the mother of the bride on top of picking her dress right away, since the mother of the groom should wait to choose her dress second.

Our bride Liz in a Lazaro gown with her mom Holly in Jade Couture
Photography credit: A Thousand Moments Photography

4.) Choose your accessories. At our shop, we refer to this appointment as "Finishing Touches" and it covers everything from selecting the best undergarments for your gown to finding the perfect veil, jewelry, headpiece and shoes. You should try to complete your head- to- toe look at this time, so if you have an heirloom of some kind you're thinking of incorporating, bring it. You want to make sure everything works well together.

Our bride Katelyn in a Kenneth Pool gown and accessories by Bling!

5.) Pick out your "somethings." We've all heard the poem describing the things every bride should have on her wedding day:

"Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed
Something blue
And a sixpence in her shoe!"

Our "Something Blue" that we make for our brides. It's a simple task to have your seamstress stitch it into your gown.
6.) Schedule your alterations appointments with a qualified bridal seamstress. Don't take your dress to just anyone- you want to make sure that the person altering your gown understands the unique nature of bridal construction and how it differs from tailoring everything else. Trust us- it's different!
Once you've completed these next steps, you and your entire bridal party will be well on your way to looking perfect for your wedding day! How far along are you in the planning process? Have you completed some of these steps already? Leave us a comment and tell us how you're doing!

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