Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Costume Change!

The increasingly popular trend that we're seeing in the bridal industry is the desire to have a "costume change" from one part of the wedding day to the next. Brides want one distinct look for the ceremony, with a separate "party" look for the reception and sometimes even a completely different "exit" dress for exactly that- the exit of the couple from the reception!

Designers and bridal shops alike are finding unique and interesting ways to help brides achieve their desired "costume changes." The most obvious choice is to purchase multiple dresses, but once you add on the expense of alterations, this can get extremely pricey. The next most obvious choice and one that several designers are offering is the convertible dress. These dresses come all sorts of different ways- sometimes there's a short dress hidden beneath a long skirt. Other times, the bodice and skirt are completely separate, allowing the bride to wear one piece independent of the other, perhaps the next day at a brunch, or out to dinner on the honeymoon. And since many designers offer these "separates" to be sold separately, there's also the option to mix and match between designer, depending on your preference.

The possibilites are endless, but we thought we'd show just a few options we have available here in the shop. Of course, there's no telling how much longer they'll be here, so if any of these looks are something you may want to try, call us ASAP to see if they're still here!

This stunning 2-piece gown designed by Watters is a perfect example of  how a dress can be worn mutliple ways and for different events. The above look is perfect for the ceremony and dinner portion of the reception. It's elegant and sophisticated and oh-so bridal. But what if you love it so much you don't even want to take it off the next day? Then why not pair it with a simple skirt and wear it to brunch the following morning?
You could dress it down for brunch and then pack it in your suitcase for the honeymoon and dress it up for a nice dinner out. The finished look will depend entirely on the accessories you choose! (Also, if you're not into the blush look, this dress is available in ivory as well.)
Here's another, much slimmer option, perfect for the bride looking for a sleeker look for both:
We were pretty crafty putting this look together- we took a short dress by Nicole Miller and topped it with a ruched skirt by WToo. You'd never know if we hadn't told you, though! Here's the dress by itself:
Isn't it perfect for a reception look? The jazzy feathers and beadwork are perfect for dancing the night away! We loved this short dress so much, we decided to pair it with a different skirt, too, just to see another option. This is a very fashion-forward look ideal for showing off your legs:
This tulle overskirt is designed by Monique Lhuillier and is intended to go over a long lace sheath, but we thought it would be fun to try it with something short! What do you think of our creation? It's kind of reminiscent of the wedding dress in the Guns n' Roses November Rain music video! It's a lot more elegant, and a lot less 80's, don't you think?
If the high-low look isn't for you, and you want something a little sweeter, why not try this two-for-one combination:
We've taken yet another Nicole Miller "Little White Dress" and layered a tulle skirt by WToo on top of it. It makes for a very sweet, romantic look that with the right accessories might even work in a very formal setting. But the LWD all on its own is perfect for dancing the night away at the reception, or to wear for an exit dress:

Are you a bride who may want to wear a convertible dress or have multiple "costume changes?" Leave us a comment and tell us all about it!

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