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Wedding Hair Advice from Hair that Moves

When it comes to creating the perfect bridal hairstyle, we recommend no one higher than Lena Hartford of Hair that Moves. Her experience in the bridal industry is unparalleled, so we thought it would be fun to interview her for the blog. Enjoy! Note: All photos are examples of Lena's work!

MD: How do you determine the best hairstyle for each bride? What does your process involve?

Lena: I always start with a brief questionnaire which helps me understand the overall theme and vibe of the wedding. I ask about the venues, the florist, and of course about the dress. I also want to know about her vision for herself within the theme of the wedding. From there, I do my best to achieve the look she's after while at the same time educating her about bridal hair in general.

MD: What kinds of things to brides need to be educated about?

Lena: It varies, depending on the bride, but in general I try to educate them on the type of hairstyle that suits not only their wedding theme, but also that suits their type of hair- length, thickness, color, etc. I also try to make sure they know how to keep it looking good all day.

MD: What should a bride bring to her hair trial?

Lena: Pictures of styles she likes are the most obvious, but it also helps to bring the headpiece she plans to wear and her veil.

MD: We actually discourage brides from bringing their actual veil to the salon since they are so delicate and easily damaged by hairspray. Can they bring a less expensive substitute?

Lena: That's fine, because I want to be able to show them the placement of the veil in their hairstyle. A lot of brides don't realize that the veil often covers the up-do, so it's good for them to see. If they bring an inexpensive veil from a party store or Wal-mart, there may be a difference in the type of comb on it, which is important for the hair stylist to know. I always recommend that their actual wedding day veil have a fine, metal comb as opposed to the larger plastic combs. The fine, metal combs do a lot less damage to the up-do when it comes time to take the veil off. You should make sure you have hairspray and some bobby pins available on the wedding day for any touch-ups you might need.

MD: Good to know! What about birdcage veils?

Lena: In the case of a birdcage veil, I wouldn't bring an inexpensive substitute. Birdcage veils are actually really tricky to put on and often require bobby pins to get the perfect placement. Also, something brides should be aware of when planning to wear a birdcage veil is how far from her face she wants it. I can't tell you how many times the false lashes have clashed with the birdcage veil- catching on the netting when she blinks. It's fine to wear both, but it's important to know that if you wear false eyelashes, you may need the veil to sit further from your face to avoid that annoying part!

MD: Okay, back to the hair trial- when should the bride schedule it? Tell me some more about the process.

Lena: I typically see the bride about 2-3 months before the wedding for her hair trial. I look at the pictures she's brought and listen to the info she gives me about the wedding and then I style the hair completely, incorporating the headpiece or veil if she has it with her. I make detailed notes about which products and styling tools I used to achieve the look and also make notes about any changes she would like. I think it's a great idea for a bride to schedule her hair trial earlier in the day of one of her scheduled fittings. That way, she can see how the style looks with her dress and all her accessories.

MD: Do you offer to have two different looks- one for the ceremony and another for the reception?

Lena: I do offer that- whether the bride wants me to stay and create the second look, or if she wants me to show one of her bridesmaids how to pull out certain bobby pins to take an up-do down, either completely or partially. But I also want her to be realistic- taking your hair down halfway through the wedding day can be risky- the curls are more likely to fall out, etc.

MD: What advice do you have for brides that will keep their hair looking its best for as long as possible?

Lena: Try not to have super clean hair- shower the night before if possible. If you have to wash your hair the morning of the wedding, be sure to use more product in it that usual- a strong mousse is helpful. More product will help the hair maintain its style much longer. When you schedule your hair trial, you should have it early in the day. Then, as the day goes on, you'll be able to see how well that style stands up.

MD: Is the longevity of the style a common problem?

Lena: As long as you are realistic, it shouldn't be. If your hair doesn't hold a curl very well, then it's probably not a great idea to wear it down and curled for the wedding. Also, consider the weather on your wedding day and how your hair tends to respond to humidity, etc. If you're getting married on the beach, it will be a lot more humid, so take that into consideration when planning your hairstyle. A good stylist will think of that and at the very least discuss the pros and cons of what you're asking for.

MD: Is there anything else our readers should know?

Lena: One thing that not many people don't think about is color. About 99% of the time, brunettes come to their hair trial with photos of up-dos that have been done on blondes, or on brides with high-lights in their hair. This is because hair that is color treated often shows the details of the hairstyle better in photos. I can often re-create the exact up-do they've shown me in the photo, but it will look completely different depending on the color of their hair. In that case, I might recommend they either have high-lights put into their hair, or consider a slightly different style that will work better with their hair color.

MD: Wow! This was SO informative! Thank you for taking the time to educate us and our brides! How can our readers reach you for a hair trial of their own?

Lena: They can call me at (207) 698-7997 or (603) 682-4465 or they can email me at lena@hairthatmoves.com. They can also visit my website and my facebook page.

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