Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our Top Ten Stunning Wedding Gowns for Under $1,000

Our annual sample sale that just happened last month features bargains galore on bridal gowns. We offer our samples at 40-70% off the retail price during that sale, so prices are literally rock bottom. However, for plenty or reasons, there are brides who don't want to purchase a sample gown. Sometimes it has to do with size- the sample gowns tend to fall within a limited range, and if your body is outside that range, you may end up spending as much on alterations as you did on the gown. Other times, it just has to do with wanting something completely fresh and new- the idea that you are the one and only person to ever wear that gown is very appealing to lots of brides, so a sample just isn't an option for them.

Whatever your reason, don't be discouraged by price. We have quite a few absolutely stunning gowns for under $1,000 even at FULL PRICE! Ballgowns, mermaids, simple sheaths- we've got it all! Whether it's a fancy hotel or destination venue, there is a gown that will work for you. Just look!


These are of course not the only gowns for under $1,000 in our shop, but they are definitely our favorites! Are you looking for a stunning gown at this price point? Call us today and make your appointment! We can definitely help you find your dream dress!


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