Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Colors are Blush and Bashful...

Everyone remembers that memorable line from "Steel Magnolias" between Shelby and her mom, M'Lynn:

Shelby: My colors are blush and bashful.
M'Lynn: Her colors are pink and pink!

But the thing is, decades ago, Shelby had no idea she would be perfectly on trend for 2014. I guess she was ahead of her time. Blush is one of the hottest bridesmaid looks out there right now. It's all over Pinterest, Style Me Pretty, the Knot- pretty much anywhere you see bridesmaids, you'll see blush. It's a popular color for bridal gowns as well, but even more so for bridesmaids.

Blush is the perfect color if you're hoping to do a mismatched look for your bridesmaids:

Petal Pink bridesmaids- all styles by Bill Levkoff
Left to right: 165, 478, 484

Peach bridesmaids- all styles by Watters
Left to right:3538, 5512, 5513, 5518
As you can see from all the pictures above, whether you choose one color from a specific designer and let your girls select their own unique style, the look can still be very cohesive. Even when some dresses are long and others are short, the color pulls everything together. Of course, it helps that the fabric is the same as well. That ensures that the dresses will all photograph the same. However, you don't have to choose one color from one designer for a fabulous look. Don't believe me? Check out this collection:
Various shades of blush chiffon bridesmaid dresses
Despite being four different styles from four different designers in four different shades of blush, the bridesmaids in the photo above would look good enough for the front page of Style Me Pretty. While all four dresses are chiffon, the color and weight of each dress varies, but they still all look fabulous together. And while we feel chiffon is the best fabric for the mismatched bridesmaid look, it's definitely possible to mix and match other fabrics as well. We're fond of this set of lovely lace dresses- three different designers, three different laces, three different styles, yet all together it's fabulous!

I personally would love to see a mismatched lace look like the one pictured above with all the girls in brown cowboy boots. Wouldn't that be so charming and fun?
So whether your preferred shade is blush or bashful, peach or peony, you can rest easy knowing your bridesmaids will look absolutely perfect!
Did you have blush bridesmaid dresses? Would you like to show off your gorgeous bridal party? Send us an email telling us all about it and don't forget to attach the photos!

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  1. Lovely color! I love the first set by Bill Levkoff. Really pretty dresses!



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