Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to Choose a Universally Flattering Bridesmaid Dress

We all love to look at gorgeous photos of stunning bridal parties on Pinterest and Style Me Pretty, but the truth is that not every bridal party is made up of 5'9" size 2 models. In fact, the majority of bridal parties consists of gorgeous women of all shapes, sizes and heights. So, when you have multiple body types and skin tones in your bridal party, how do you choose a dress that works for everyone? Of course, you can always choose a mismatched bridesmaid look and we've broken down the mysteries of that here on the blog. But if you want a more uniform look, it can be a little more tricky. That's why we're breaking down the mystery of it here for you!

It all comes down to color, silhouette and neckline. First, let's talk about color. There are lots of colors that will work for just about any skin tone and lots of colors that are bad on just about any skin tone. Today, we're going to show you the top three MOST flattering colors you can choose for your bridesmaids regardless of skin tone, hair and eye color.

Of course, the most obvious is black:

What girl doesn't need a great LBD, right?
Advantages: Black is slimming and literally looks great on everyone. It's also a neutral color, so it will also coordinate well regardless of the other colors you are using in your wedding.
Disadvantages: Black is very formal and some people just hate black at weddings. While there isn't really a rule about not wearing black to weddings anymore, it's just not everyone's favorite.
If you are opposed to black, for whatever reason, then consider the second most univerally flattering color: Navy.
Advantages: Softer than black, but still slimming and great on every skin tone.
Disadvantages: Navy works with a LOT of other colors, but not everything. Pair it with red and it's a little patriotic (especially once you add the bride in white to the mix). Also, if you're using black elsewhere (such as with the tuxedos), it can look a little off as it's so close to black, but obviously not exactly the same. It's all a matter of preference.  
Finally, as far as color is concerned, the third most universally flattering color is purple. Dark is best- think eggplant and amethyst NOT lilac or lavender.
Advantages: Slimming and looks just as great on the palest skin tone as it does on darker skin. When I say "universally flattering," I mean it!
Disadvantages: Not exactly a neutral, purple can be difficult to incorporate into your color scheme, depending on what you've chosen.
If purple isn't quite right for your color scheme, consider another deep jewel tone such as emerald or dark teal. Darker colors tend to be more universally flattering than light colors. Also, dark colors are more slimming and who doesn't want that?
Once you've chosen color, whether it's one of the colors above, or not, you can also help everyone look fabulous by choosing universally flattering necklines and silhouettes. It's very simple, actually and while there are exceptions to every rule, we're not often wrong with this.
NECKLINE: Sweetheart necklines look good on everyone, regardless of bust size. Be careful not to have too deep a dip in the "heart," or it might be too revealing. Choose a dress with or without straps, depending on your or your bridesmaids' preference.
SILHOUETTE: Choose a dress with a cinched natural waist and a softly gathered skirt. Avoid skirts that are either very full or very slim as both can be tough to pull off depending on your body type.
Here are some fabulous examples of universally flattering dresses:
Trudy by Jenny Yoo
Bill Levkoff style #732
Amsale style #G748J
One last detail to consider when choosing your bridesmaid dresses is length. While short dresses look good, generally speaking long dresses look great. With all your ladies in floor length dresses, you don't have to worry about what shoes they wear- heel height, color, etc. Floor length is also an idea choice if you have a lot of different heights to contend with. Finally, floor length is far and away the most flattering.
So there you have it- the simple elements that add up to a universally flattering bridesmaid dress: dark color, natural waistline, sweetheart neckline, floor length. It's a simple formula that will help every single bridesmaid feel beautiful on your big day.
What factors led to your bridesmaid choice? How did you prioritize? Did you decide on a style and color, or did you let your bridesmaids pick? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it!


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