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The Foundation of Your Bridal Look Part 1: The BRA

You may have guessed from the title, but this post is a very important one all about the undergarments that you need to wear on your wedding day. It may not be full of pretty things like lace and pearls, but trust me when I say that you do NOT want to make the wrong undergarment choice for your bridal gown.

Most brides spend an average of $1,500- $2,500 on a bridal gown and that's before accessories and alterations. While we can appreciate the desire to keep additional spending low on the rest of your look, the logic there is actually a little backward. Imagine spending that much on a bridal gown, only to have a less-than-perfect fit on the big day because you didn't want to invest a little more on the proper undergarments that will allow the dress (and YOU!) to look the absolute best it can!

One of the biggest issues we see with brides wearing- or rather, NOT wearing the proper undergarments is the bra. For anystrapless gown, we recommend wearing a long-line, or corseted strapless bra. We currently offer what we feel are the three best long-line bras because they not only offer the best support and fit, but they are also the most comfortable ones on the market.

The first, we refer to as the "Best Fit" Bra because it is just that- the BEST fit. This bra is our favorite because it works with nearly any bridal gown you will wear. The neckline is a demi-cup, so it is low enough to accommodate nearly any strapless gown. The back is high enough to offer good support without feeling too restricted. In addition, this bra features a seamless design in front which helps keep lines and bumps to a minimum:

The second long-line bra we offer is a lot prettier, but still offers the same great support and fit as the "Best Fit." The main difference is that the cup is fuller which is good for a bride with a bigger bust. In addition, the torso is designed to be a little bit longer, so if you are a bride with a long torso and want that smooth shape to continue right down to the top of your hip, this is a great bra for you:

Finally, for a short-waisted bride, or for a strapless gown with a more plunging back, we offer the "Low-Back" bra. This bra comes down to the natural waist, and our customers report that it's quite comfortable to wear:
You may be wondering why I'm breaking down all the bra styles for you, but I really want to make sure you know that regardless of the neckline or back of your dress, there is a long-line strapless bra that will suit your body and your gown. These bras typically retail for under $100 just about anywhere you might shop for one. We sell ours for around $70 each and trust me when I say that it is a worthwhile investment to ensure your gown will look great and stay in place all day and into the night.
We've all been there- you're at a wedding and the bride looks great in her strapless gown, but as the night goes on, you notice her tugging at the neckline over and over again. The dress keeps sliding down and no amount of pulling and tugging can get it to stay up. I can pretty much guarantee to you that the bride with the dress sliding down is missing one very crucial undergarment: a long-line bra. Often, brides don't want to be uncomfortable on their wedding day, so they decide, "I just want to have cups sewn in," or "I'm going to skip the bra- it's too restrictive. I need to be able to dance and eat!" They choose not to wear a bra and the consequence is a dress that won't stay in place.
Here's the thing: wedding gowns are HEAVY! All that fabric- the many layers and layers of fabric- add up to one very heavy dress. You can have the best seamstress in the world altering your bridal gown, but there's one thing she'll never overcome: GRAVITY. A long-line bra allows your seamstress to anchor the dress to something solid and immoveable. Because a long-line bra features boning all the way through the waist, it not only shapes your body beautifully, it can actually hold the weight of your bridal gown up all day and night and defy gravity, if only for a few hours.
The seamstresses at our shop often sew the bra directly into the dress to help hold it up, or they attach pieces of velcro to the side of the bra and the inside of the dress. It's amazing how strong velcro is, but it does the trick of keeping that gown in place all day.
Of course, not every single bridal gown is a heavy strapless gown that needs to be held up. There are lots of simple sheath gowns with straps or sleeves. This gown from the Bliss Collection by Monique Lhuillier features a simple, bias cut fabric that hugs curves and shows off every inch of your body.
That's what's so great and also what's so terrible about a gown like this- it shows everything. Obviously, if you've purchased a dress like this you're likely very confident with your body, but you still need to wear something underneath the dress and you really don't want your guests to be able to see what you're wearing. In that case, we don't recommend the long-line strapless bra. We actually recommend undergarments that are as minimal as possible. Undergarments like these:

 What you see pictured above are the two idea products for any bias-cut sheath like the gown above. The bra is called the "NuBra" and is actually a stick-on style. It's patented center clasp allows you to manipulate the cleavage you have- more or less depending on your preference. It's essentially a backless, strapless bra. It's designed to be worn at least 100 times, so you'll get use out of it long after the wedding day. In addition to the NuBra, the other undergarment you'll need for a sexy, slinky sheath is a pair of laser-cut, seamless, nude panties. Whether you prefer a full coverage, thong or boy-short, the "Commando" brand gives you a barely-there option that, just like it's advertised is "Better than nothing."

So there you have it- the absolute most essential item you have to have when wearing a bridal gown- a BRA! While this might not have been the most exciting post we've ever had here on our blog, we do believe it's one with the most important information. So important, that we'll be writing a couple more posts on the proper undergarments for your wedding day. Check back soon to read them! And in the meantime, if you have any undergarment questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we'll do our best to help answer your questions!

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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