Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Foundation of Your Bridal Look Part 3: Petticoats

Hopefully you've already read parts 1 and 2 of this series all about finding the right foundation for your bridal gown. We firmly believe every bride should wear the proper undergarments with her bridal gown or she risks having her dress appear to be ill-fitting. Our first two posts focused on the bra- the different styles offered and how to ensure the proper fit. Our final post focuses on the last important undergarment- the petticoat.

As we've mentioned before, bridal gowns can be very heavy. They are often made using layers and layers of fabric. Sometimes that fabric has embellishments such as lace or beadwork. Even without embellishment, the skirt can be quite heavy. That heavy fabric can often fall between your legs as you're walking on your wedding day- walking down the aisle or walking around the reception afterwards. Trust us, this is not a good look. A basic A-line petticoat helps to prevent this unsightly issue!

The great thing about an A-Line petticoat is that it doesn't really add any extra fullness. It simply holds the dress in place as you're walking around.
Of course, some brides prefer a little extra fullness. in that case, you can wear a fuller petticoat such as our double-ruffle pictured here:
The double-ruffle petticoat is perfect for under full-skirted gowns like ballgowns. They add just a touch of extra fullness for a slightly more dramatic look.
For the bride who wants a super dramatic look, there is only one choice:
If you want an over-the-top full skirt, this petticoat is the best way to achieve that look.
Finally, if you have a mermaid style dress, you should choose a mermaid style petticoat- something that only adds fullness at the very bottom:
Choosing the right petticoat is actually pretty simple- whatever the silhouette of your dress, choose a petticoat that matches! When paired with the right bra, you'll have the perfect foundation to ensure your gown looks absolutely flawless on your wedding day! Call us today to make an appointment to be fitted for all the right undergarments and as always- thanks for reading!

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  1. woh!!!! this bridal petticoat is amwzing superb.Thanks for sharing with us.



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