Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Foundation of Your Bridal Look Part 2: Fitting the Bra

Hopefully you read Part 1 of this series last week and are convinced of the importance of wearing the proper fitting and style of bra with your bridal gown. While we discussed the different style options, we didn't really discuss fit, which is just as important. It does you absolutely no good to have an ill-fitting long-line bra, but understanding what good fit means can be daunting.

First, make sure that the length of the bra suits your torso length. Some bra shops will cut the length down if a bra is too long for you, but adding additional length is impossible. As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series, we offer three different lengths, so it's extremely rare to find a bride who can't fit into at least one of the styles we offer.

Second, the band of your bra (the part that wraps around your body) should be snug against you without being too tight. If the bra is too tight, you'll get the dreaded "back butt" or "side boob," neither of which is attractive. If it's too loose, it will slide down and not hold you up properly. How to tell if it's too loose? If you have to fasten it on the tightest hook when it's brand new, then it's too big for you. A good rule of thumb when purchasing just about any bra is that you should fasten it on the loosest hook when it's brand new. As you wear the bra over and over, the fabric stretches out, and you'll need to fasten it on a tighter hook over time.

Finally, the cup of the bra should be just the right size, which means that it should be flat against your bust when it is the proper size. If it's too big, it will  gap away from your body and if it's too small, it will create over-spill either on the side or in the front of the cup. Whether too big or too small, the wrong size cup is always a disaster.

Take a look at these photos to see what's wrong with the fit of each:

This bra is too tight- it's squeezing all around the band, creating extra lumps and bumps.
This bra is also too tight- it's pushing into the bust creating overspill in the front and on the sides.
This bra is clearly too big- the cups are gapping away from the bust.
This bra is too big as well- it's on the tightest hook ans still not supporting properly.
And now for a bra that fits correctly!
This bra fits perfectly! It is wrinkle-free from top to bottom and the cups are lying flat against the bust without causing any squishing or over-spill.
I hope this little tutorial has helped you understand how to properly fit a long-line strapless bra. If you plan to wear a strapless bridal gown, make sure you invest the time and money into a properly fitting long-line strapless bra- it will make all the difference in the world for your bridal gown. The best advice we can offer is to go to a shop to be fitted- a bridal shop or a shop that specializes in undergarments. Also, don't let the size on the tag deter you. Most women wear a completely different size in a long-line bra than they do in their everyday bra. It's not uncommon to go up a size or even two, for example, a woman who typically wears a 36C every day bra, may end up in a 38B or C instead. But let the experts help you figure it out when the time comes. You won't regret it!
Check back soon for our final installment in this undergarment series- we'll be talking about the final foundation needed to make your bridal gown look perfect!

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