Thursday, January 9, 2014

Introducing: Paris by Debra Moreland

In October, we went to market with a mission- to find a new, unique accessories designer. We wanted something different for our brides, a designer whose collection brought a different look into the store that wasn't represented by our current collections. We're happy to report that we were very successful. When we walked into Debra Moreland's showroom, we knew we'd struck gold!


Her collection, Paris by Debra Moreland epitomizes the unique look we were searching for and with good reason. Her accessories have been recognized throughout the bridal industry, and featured in many of the top wedding magazines. Within one year of being on the market, her unique designs had captured the attention of the entire bridal industry and her designs were beginning to redefine the world of bridal accessories.

Part of what makes Moreland's pieces so special is the process in which they are made. Beginning with inspiration from sources such as Faberge's elaborate works, Coco Chanel's intricate millinery, and her own training as a painter and sculptor, she begins by sketching out the designs and then creating a prototype. Once a design is selected for production, it is hand-made by local artisans in the United States. Each link is carefully soldered, each delicate pearl is strung by hand and each crystal embellishment is lovingly placed until the piece is complete and ready to ship to the waiting bride.

Moreland's design philsophy centers around the bride and her unique fashion sense. The intent of each piece is not only to be its own unique work of art, but also to suit each bride's distinct personality and style. Her talent and training have allowed her to partner with gown designers to help create spectacular one-of-a-kind accessories that perfectly compliment different gowns.

Call us today to make a Finishing Touches Appointment where you'll be able to see all of these amazing pieces in person!

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