Thursday, January 30, 2014

Guest Post from The Wedding Belle

Leslie Barbini and her team of wedding "Belles" know how to put together an amazing wedding. From invitations to linens, centerpieces to first dance songs, they make magic. The Wedding Belle is hands down your best choice for wedding planners on the seacoast. We love their blog, too, which is why today's post is actually from their blog. Enjoy!

Belle Turned Bride: The Proposal by Spencer

I stood in line at the security gate in a cold sweat as a million thoughts raced through my mind. “What if they ask me to open my camera case and take the ring out? What if Emily sees what is in there? Oh my God, what if I end up proposing to her right here, in the security line at Logan Airport?!” To me, at this moment in time, these all seemed like very likely possibilities. I needed to act fast. Time was running out....
I turned to Emily who was standing behind me in line and said as I gestured over to the right “I am going to hop over to that line over there, it looks a lot shorter.” Emily looked towards the line I was referring to and gave me a weird look. The other line was just as long as the one we were in. “Ok…” she replied.
Phew, what a stroke of genius. I was saved… for now.
Emily and I were travelling to Italy together for a ten day tour of the country. This was the first time either of us had been to Italy, and we had been planning the trip for over five months. As we boarded the plane, both of us knew that this was the culmination of the many hours spent planning and the many sacrifices made in order to save up for the trip, and we were both brimming with excitement.
I, on the other hand, had been working on another plan for quite some time. I was going to propose to Emily on our vacation and was carrying with me the proper piece of hardware required to make such an effort...

Continue reading the full story here and check back for more guest posts by our favorite vendors, great instructional and informative posts and of course, everyone's favorite series, "Meet Our Bride." And if there's something specific you'd like to read about here on our blog, please comment below and let us know!

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