Thursday, January 23, 2014

Good Things Come in Small Packages...

Everyone has heard the expression "Good things come in small packages," and that's often true of businesses as well. Small businesses are the backbone of our country's economy, helping to provide a livelihood for millions of people, while providing great service to local patrons. Although we've serviced thousands of brides over the last several decades, Madeleine's Daughter is still quite a small operation. With less than 20 full-time, year-round employees, and an owner who has lived in New England most of her life, we are the epitome of what it means to be a successful small, local business.

Because we recognize the importance of supporting small, particularly local businesses, we try to pay it forward whenever possible. If we need something new for our store, the first thing we consider is how to source it locally. For example, our favorite shoe designer that we carry in the store is Liz Rene by Benjamin Walk. These are some of the most beautiful bridal shoes on the market, made with fine silk and crystals.

Liz Rene "Maggie"
Liz Rene "Cheri"
When our brides see these shoes in our shop, they fall in love and when they find out that Liz Rene and Benjamin Walk are a New Hampshire-based company, they love them even more.
But it's not just about the products we carry when it comes to supporting local businesses. Our owner, Elizabeth, believes that it is important to source as many of our needs as possible through small, local companies. For example, if you are our bride, you know that on the day you come in to purchase your dress, you receive a small gift. It's one way that we say "Thank you" for choosing us to purchase your bridal gown. Our current gift is an elegant hand-made soap, and of course we had it sourced locally.
If only a blog could convey how amazing these soaps SMELL!!! They come from a small business located in Sandown, NH called Rocky Corner Soapworks. Our soaps are custom made for our brides, but you can order similar soaps for yourself through their website.
Another great example of how we try to support small, local businesses is in our decor. All of our draperies are custom made by the Exeter Handkerchief Company. They help select fabrics to match our decor and then they custom-make the curtains for our dressing rooms.
It's not just large decor projects that come from small local businesses, but the small projects, too! This gorgeous jewelry display was custom made for us by Madeline Jean Antiques. We spoke to the owner/designer Bethany about our vision and she sourced the frame and shutters, then painted everything, added the shelf and changed the window into a mirror. We're thrilled with the end result, not only because it looks beautiful in our shop, but because we were able to purchase it from a local artist, rather than a large chain decor store.
How do you feel about the importance of supporting small, local businesses? What are your favorite local businesses and why? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts!

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