Saturday, November 23, 2013

Meet Our Bride: Patti

My best friend brought me to Madeleine's Daughter in 2007 in search of her wedding gown. We had such a fantastic experience with Juhree that I told my little sister to check it out in hopes that she'd have a wonderful time finding her gown, which she did in 2010. We'll now it was my turn, and there was no doubt in my mind that I'd be heading to Portsmouth (from Boston no less) to have my special day too.

We all have an idea in mind of what shape or style or designer when it comes to finding the dress, I sure did—a little advice, try on something you would never imagine putting on.  I had my heart set on some sort of sheath with a capped sleeve or some other cool element to the dress, like a keyhole back for example.  My consultant, Sadie, took her time with me, asked me some questions and off she went in search of my gown.  Sure enough, in the first batch of 5 dresses or so, my gown was there, the Allure 8800, it sparkled, it was a sheath, it had amazing lace and I loved it. But wait, this is the first place/time I've looked for a dress; I can't just get it today! I hadn't even figured out my budget yet—second bit of advice, figure this out early!


I waited and browsed for another 2 months or so and stumbled across another Allure gown 8764. This was it. I called Sadie and asked if she had it in the shop or if we could get it in. Long story short, we ordered the dress and I was in heaven! I made the deposit, signed the contract and was on my way.


So I thought... my car ride home I started having second thoughts. Which I think is fairly normal in all of this planning. When I signed the contract, Sadie had mentioned a part that basically said I had 24 hours to freak out. Well I was freaking OUT (and this was all for a good reason that I would soon come to find out). Regardless, I told myself to sleep on it.


I didn’t sleep; I called Sadie as soon as the shop opened the next morning, and told her what was going on.  She said “no-problem-o, come on in and we'll start over,” I think I was there within the hour.   Fortunately for me there was a trunk show that began that Friday, featuring some Jacquelin Exclusive.  Sadie pulled this funny looking strapless sweetheart, A-line dress, with a bow from the rack and asked what I thought... at this point I didn't care if I tried on the whole bridal salon, sure I'd try it.

Here I hold and examine this different, but groovy looking dress, covered in laser cut lace rosettes; I stepped in, zipped up, turned to the mirror and absolutely lost it—I think I actually gasped.  There is some feeling that happens when you put on the gown, and you just know it’s the one (hopefully a similar feeling to when you meet your other half).  My heart was beating out of my chest, adrenaline was pumping, and then I saw my Mom.  We cried, couldn't speak and both just knew this was it.  Sign, sealed, delivered; there was no turning back or second guesses on this one.


I may have questioned a lot of things during the wedding planning process, especially with the first 2 dresses, and I sure am glad that I did. My gown was nothing like I had tried on and had that unusual element that I was looking for (the laser cut rosettes). 


My wedding day was a blast, it absolutely poured. We got married on a beach with no back-up plan, just a bunch of orange umbrellas. The beach sand/mud created a really neat effect on my dress, the underlay got filthy, but made the overlay lace pop, something even cooler that I could never had predicted.  Thank you Madeleine's Daughter for making me step out of my comfort zone and into a completely unpredictable and fabulous dress.

Did your bridal gown search bring you to Madeleine's Daughter? Did you find your dream dress here? Would you like to tell us all about it and be featured on our blog? Email us today!

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