Saturday, September 21, 2013

Meet Our Bride: Kimberly

My experience at Madeleine's Daughter was top-notch. I walked in, like most brides, with a binder full of the dresses I thought I wanted. Sadie brought in a few that matched that style. I tried them on and thought they were pretty but I was waiting for that “wow” moment. Sadie asked if she could humor me with a few that she thought would look good on me. The first one I tried on brought tears to my eyes. It felt like the dress was made for me. I tried on a few more, mostly because I never thought choosing a wedding gown would be that easy. She noticed that when I had that first dress on my whole demeanor changed; I was beaming. And choosing my gown really was that easy.

My wonderful experience didn't stop there. Pronovias gowns are made for incredibly tall women and I'm 5 feet tall! The length was only one of the many alterations that needed to be done. My seamstress, Cheryl, was a godsend! She did an exquisite job with all of the alterations and she was just so incredibly nice! I felt like a life-long friend was putting the finishing touches on my gown! My Mom wanted to surprise me by having Cheryl sew a piece of my childhood “blankie” into the lining of the gown. Cheryl stitched it in with a heart, and above that embroidered the initials of my maiden name in light blue. I hope she knows how special that was for me and how much I really appreciate her amazing attention to detail.

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