Saturday, April 13, 2013

Meet Our Bride: Emily

We're continuing the Meet Our Bride series with the gorgeous Emily:

My experience at Madeleine's Daughter was truly a dream. To start, all consultants/ staff members I worked with were fabulous and made me feel completely comfortable and beautiful! My dress consultant was Sadie and she was just AMAZING! She understood my style so well it made it quite difficult choosing "the right dress" because they were all perfect!! She ended up pulling out a dress, which she called "the wild card," not certain how I would feel about it and it ended up being "THE ONE!" Sadie was so pleasant and wonderful it made everything so effortless! She even helped me choose all my accessories, which was a huge help! My seamstress Cheryl was outstanding too! She did an EXCELLENT job with all alterations needed.

Also, all the other staff members that I was not as familiar with were always so cheerful and happy to assist with whatever it was that I needed! My experience was so great at Madeleine's that I chose to have my dress preserved there too! I live an hour from Portsmouth, which wasn't always the easiest drive, but very well worth it in the end!

Also, one last thing, which I think is important to note - my dress actually held up at our wedding! A lot of other bride's have shared with me that at their wedding their dress got uncomfortable or came a part or other nightmares and I did not experience any of that. It just goes to show that Madeleine's carries only high quality, well made dresses! I would recommend this boutique to anyone and I have actually! It is certainly wedding season for all my friends and I am hoping that a lot of my girlfriends choose Madeleine's because they are the best!

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