Saturday, April 27, 2013

Meet Our Bride: Karly

For some of our brides, shopping for their gown here won't be the only time they experience our shop. Brides like Karly have been here multiple times for as many reasons- their own gown, their friends bridal gowns, etc. We love nothing more than seeing a familiar face walk through the door, especially when that face is as lovely as Karly.


Madeleine's Daughter has truly perfected the wedding dress shopping experience. I have now been there FIVE times with friends and family to find the perfect dress, not to mention the number of people I recommend to go there. The staff are all complete experts, not only in the dresses themselves, but really listening to each bride to be, learning about them and finding the perfect dress, no matter what budget or what timing. I have been there with a group of 3 ladies, and I have been there with 10. This does not effect the experience one bit. They continue to make the experience a happy one always, and always remember, its the bride who will be wearing it. Every single Bride I have brought there has found the dress that day and left Madeleine's Daughter happy and confident. Thank you for the amazing experience, and I will continue to bring friends and family to visit.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Meet Our Bride: Fara

Fara was a special bride of ours and one of our many brides traveling up from Boston for her shopping and fitting appointments.

My experience at Madeleine's Daughter could not have been replicated anywhere else.  From the minute I walked in to the store searching for my gown to one year later when I left the store with my dress and veil in hand for my wedding, I felt stunning and unique in every way.  I was one of those brides who came alone for my first visit, as my family lives out of state.  Juhree made me feel welcome and took great care to find the absolute perfect dress based on my particular vision.  I had visited about 10 different stores throughout Massachusetts, and Madeleine's Daughter was the first place where I could actually see myself in one of their beautiful gowns - not just because of the breadth of styles, but also because of the seamstress on staff and polished and professional attitude and service from each person I met.  I was a bride who knew how she wanted to look and feel on her wedding day, and every step of the way, Madeleine's Daughter delivered and overdelivered.   Yet, I was also the first and only bride in my family and my now husband's family, so I did not know what to expect when it came to the entire process.  From the personalized service and amenities, to the absolutely wonderful seamstress Gerry, I could rest assured that every detail could be accounted for. Juhree and Gerry earned immense trust with me, and that is something hard to find even in the most exquisite of stores which I have been to around the world.  For such a personal and important purchase in a woman's life, resting your trust in only the very best will do.

What can I say?  The photos of my dress on July 3rd tell it all.  My guests, many of whom had been to a multitude of grand weddings, still talk about the "most gorgeous gown" they had ever seen.  I also have photos of literal jaws dropped when people saw me emerge at the end of the aisle.  Thank you again to the entire team at Madeleine's Daughter who made this indelible impression possible.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Meet Our Bride: Emily

We're continuing the Meet Our Bride series with the gorgeous Emily:

My experience at Madeleine's Daughter was truly a dream. To start, all consultants/ staff members I worked with were fabulous and made me feel completely comfortable and beautiful! My dress consultant was Sadie and she was just AMAZING! She understood my style so well it made it quite difficult choosing "the right dress" because they were all perfect!! She ended up pulling out a dress, which she called "the wild card," not certain how I would feel about it and it ended up being "THE ONE!" Sadie was so pleasant and wonderful it made everything so effortless! She even helped me choose all my accessories, which was a huge help! My seamstress Cheryl was outstanding too! She did an EXCELLENT job with all alterations needed.

Also, all the other staff members that I was not as familiar with were always so cheerful and happy to assist with whatever it was that I needed! My experience was so great at Madeleine's that I chose to have my dress preserved there too! I live an hour from Portsmouth, which wasn't always the easiest drive, but very well worth it in the end!

Also, one last thing, which I think is important to note - my dress actually held up at our wedding! A lot of other bride's have shared with me that at their wedding their dress got uncomfortable or came a part or other nightmares and I did not experience any of that. It just goes to show that Madeleine's carries only high quality, well made dresses! I would recommend this boutique to anyone and I have actually! It is certainly wedding season for all my friends and I am hoping that a lot of my girlfriends choose Madeleine's because they are the best!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Meet Our Bride: Bailee

While most of our brides actually visit our store to do their wedding gown shopping, that wasn't the case for Bailee. I'll let her explain:

My now husband and I were engaged on May 13, 2011 and decided to get married in Portland, Maine on October 9, 2011, just shy of five months later! I knew that time was tight, so I began dress shopping right away and was fortunate enough to find “my” dress at the first stop. We live in Vermont and I was at a local boutique, and while I was lucky enough to absolutely fall in love with a dress, my adoration for the staff did not match. Let's just say I did not have a good visit and unfortunately was not willing to do business with them any further.  I knew I had to have that dress, but more than anything I knew I needed to find a bridal shop that would appreciate my business, help me with my time constraints, and treat me with ultimate respect. ALL of which I found at Madeleine's Daughter!

I remembered that my step-mother had found her Mother of the Bride dress for her daughter's wedding at Madeleine's Daughter 13 years prior! She raved of her experience and that stuck with me all of this time. It immediately made sense for Madeleine's Daughter to be the first place for me to look for "my" dress. I remember calling and probably sounding completely frantic! I had found my dress, but needed it in record time and wasn't able to go to the shop in person to order it, I truly did not think things were going to work out for me and this dress. During my first conversation with Madeleine's Daughter, I explained the situation and was completely THRILLED to find that I could in fact order my dress without being there in person. I was working with Mckenzie and cannot say enough about how pleasant she was to work with. She apologized for the interaction that I had (at the other boutique) and without hesitation assured me that everything would be taken care of. We spoke a few times over the next few days and by the end of the week my dress was ordered, and guaranteed to arrive with just enough time for alterations. Over the next few months I received follow-up communications letting me know how things were coming along with the dress and the arrival date. The times that I called (for my own sanity) to check in, every sales consultant that I spoke with was amazing! They were never put off by my questions and were always accommodating to my requests.

When my dress arrived, my Mom happened to be heading from Maine to visit me in Vermont and was very excited to be able to pick it up for me along her way.  She was with my step-father and one of my bridesmaids and it was the first time seeing the dress for all of them. They called me from the store with the consultant there and everyone was so excited to tell me it was perfect and on its way to me!

Throughout every interaction with the staff at Madeleine's Daughter, even though it was never in person, I always felt that I was in great hands. From each individual I worked with, there was a genuine care for making my dress buying experience unique and suited to my needs. Everyone honestly appreciated being able to be part of making my wedding day special and perfect!

I cannot thank each member of the Madeleine's Bridal staff enough. My dress was truly amazing and my experience with your boutique was impeccable.


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