Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why Not Buy a Bridal Gown Online?

We live in an era of convenience where there is not question that can't be answered by pulling out our phones and asking Google. Any product we see ina  store, we are almost certainly able to find online cheaper/faster/closer/etc. I've personally scanned a barcode at a store and had the same item purchased online for $18 less before I even left the store! (I know, I'm not proud of this.) Now, this is where I'm going to tell you exactly why you do NOT want to do this with your bridal gown.

1.) You don't know what you're actually going to get. If a designer dress is beign sold new for a fraction of the price that a bridal salon is selling it for, IT IS NOT THE SAME DRESS! Designers allow their dresses to be sold by authorized vendors only. As authorized vendors, we are all contractually obligated  to charge what they tell us to charge. We also have to abide by whatever other rules/restrictions they set. No authorized retailer is EVER allowed to sell dresses online. In other words, if it's available online, it's probably not from an authorized retailer. They may have something that looks very similar, but it will not be the same dress. In fact, the reason the dress looks exactly the same is because the fraudulent site has pirated the photo from the designer's website.

2.) Purchasing a used wedding gown is slightly less risky when it comes to the integrity of the seller. You can be almost certain that what you intend to buy is what you will get. The danger here is that you don't know what condition it will be in when you get it. Most bridal pictures that will be provided from the original owner will be taken before the reception is over. Ladies, these dresses are long! They get stepped on, tripped over, dragged through mud and grass, and pretty much beat up by the end of the ngiht. They certainly can be cleaned and repaired, but they will rarely be in the same condition as a new dress.

3.) Your bridal gown will be the most custom-tailored garment you will ever put on in your life. It will fit you like a second skin once all is said and done. These dresses are designed to be altered and can be brought in three full sizes or typically let out a little bit. However, these dresses are not designed to do this twice. If you purchase a dress that was custom altered to another bride, it will never be able to fit you exactly. The original seamstress usually clips any extra fabric out of the seams after she alters them, so adjusting them a second time can become an issue.

Ultimately, while it may be tempting to save some money while planning this massively expensive day, try to cut corners somewhere else. Choose a less expensive venue, have a smaller bouquet, hire a DJ instead of a band. When purchasing a bridal gown online, the risks far outweigh the savings.

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