Saturday, January 26, 2013

Meet Our Bride: Jennifer

Continuing the "Meet Our Bride" series this week is Jennifer who had a custom gown ordered for her big day.

My experience at Madeleine's Daughter could not have been better.  After trying on only 5 or 6 dresses I had found the one - almost!  I selected two Sassi Holford dresses. I  fell in love with the cut of one dress and the fabric of the other.  The staff at Madeleine's made a call to the designer and I was able to get my custom dream dress which combined my favorite elements of each dress.  It was somewhat of a leap of faith because I couldn't see what my dress would look like until after it was made.  But it was worth it!  The dress was more beautiful than I imagined.  I chose a ball gown because it was the style that made me feel the most like a bride.  The texture and color of the fabric was so elegant and Madeleine's Daughter had a beaded belt in the store that matched perfectly.  I also purchased my veil at the shop and again it was a perfect match and exactly what I was looking for.

My mother also purchased her dress for the wedding at Madeleine's Daughter and she looked beautiful on the big day!

Everyone was very kind at Madeleine's Daughter and I felt very  welcome and relaxed.  The dressing rooms were lovely and very comfortable.  Wedding dress shopping is a once in a lifetime experience and I'm so glad I found my dress at Madeleine's Daughter.  The day I found my dress was a very special and memorable day - it was so great, it almost felt too easy!  I will remember my time at Madeleine's Daughter (and the celebratory margaritas next door) fondly!  

Thank you for helping to make my wedding day perfect!
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