Saturday, January 19, 2013

Meet Our Bride: Gail

This weeks featured bride was so much fun to have in the store. We all genuinely looked forward to seeing her come in for her appointments. And now that her wedding is passed, we all miss seeing her smiling face in our shop. Readers, meet our lovely bride Gail.

Let me just say that I LOVED my experience with Madeleine's.  I knew the moment I met Sadie that Madeleine's would be the place for me.  Admittedly so...I went to Madeleine's and had a great experience...and afterwards, reluctantly kept my other points at all the other "fancy" bridal shops on Newbury Street.  All I have to say is...there is a big reason I returned to Madeleine's - primarily, because I felt SO comfortable there and because Sadie was so fabulous to my mom and I during our first visit.  When I went to those "fancy" shops - the staff were pushy, rushed, and somewhat rude.  Not to mention...I was not given a private room to try on the gowns...and the stories were dirty (yuck!  NOT a good place to be trying on WHITE dresses!!).  Sadie just got me right away...she immediately grasped my style: simple and elegant.  I didn't even have to tell the dress I had in mind...she brought it out during the first round of trying on gowns (the simple, Monique Lhuillier I had been dreaming about forever!).  I knew I found "the dress" when my mom got teary and Sadie gave me a giant hug.  The experience was relaxed and fun.  All my subsequent visits for my fittings were just as fun - Renee, Cheryl, and the whole crew always gave me big hugs when I visited the shop.  They were so nice and welcoming to everyone I brought along to my fittings - I really looked forward to my visits to the shop!  The girls always called me "their favorite bride" - I'm sure they had lots of favorite brides in 2011...but, it always gave me a smile to hear them say that!  Two days before my wedding when I made my final visit to the shop - to pick up my gown with my sister - I have to say, was sad.  I really connected with the Madeleine's team and was a little bummed that my visits to the shop were over.  I loved my fit me, my venue, and my wedding day perfectly....most of all, it was comfortable!  I still have yet to preserve my dress...because when no one is home, I still put it on time to time and check it out in the mirror :)  My dress tells a story...and I thank everyone at Madeleine's for helping create that story.

Are you a Madeleine's Daughter bride who would like to share her story? Email us today!

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