Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meet Our Bride: Emily

This week, we'd like to introduce you to our bride Emily:

I picked Madeleine's Daughter because a few of my friends had told me to check it out.  Being in the Boston area, I'm surrounded by boutiques and other shops, but really felt inclined to listen to my friends!  When I went there, the store was great!  Kerry, who was my bridal consultant, really truly listened to me!  She brought me dresses I was really liked, even though I didn't even know what I wanted in the first place!  Eventually, we narrowed it down to my dream gown.  Through out the process, Kerry was amazing.  She would email me to check in and follow through with phone calls.  I cannot express how much fun the experience was!  Kerry always had a smile on her face and I felt like I could rely on her a lot which was very helpful during this process!  Overall the store is a great place but it's the customer service that truly sets Madeleine's Daughter aside from their competition!
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