Thursday, December 13, 2012


The 2nd-dress trend is growing at a mile a minute. We can't keep enough reception/rehearsal/exit dresses in the store for all the brides who want to have that 2nd look on their wedding night. Fortunately for us, Watters & Watters has created a whole new line dedicated to the 2nd dress phenomenon, appropriately called "Encore."

The dresses are beautifully made and there is literally something for everyone. Additionally, if you would rather a full-length dress, each one is available in a long version at a minimal charge. Our favorites are the lace ones:

Trust me when I say that as great as these dresses look now, the pictures are really not doing them justice. One of our favorite things about this line is the versatility of it. The color combinations are practically endless, so incorporating colors from your wedding is actually really simple. The lace comes in six different colors- white, ivory, blush, dove, navy and black, but that's not the exciting part. The exciting part are the lining options- Watters offers 30- yes, you read that right- 30 different colors for the lining. Also, for the dresses with a ribbon at the waist, there are 20 different color options for that detail as well! The possibilities of color combinations are amazing. And you can even go online and look at different color combinations for each dress. We made a few just for fun:
This version of Camellia is so feminine! We chose the blush lace, cameo lining and shell pink ribbon. So pretty in pink!
For the bride who loves color, we created this version of Hydrangea using ivory lace, fuchsia lining and a plum ribbon. So fun!
For the bride who wants a sultry look, consider Posey in all black. It's sleek, sexy and an LBD you'll wear over and over again!
The Encore Collection is a sampling of the dresses we have available in our store for brides to wear for their rehearsal, reception or just as an exit dress, but it's far and away the most versatile and customizable option. The dresses can take a couple of months to come in, so don't wait until the last minute to create yours. Call us today to set up an appointment to come and try some on!

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