Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lace, Lace, Lace

Lace is one of those mysterious textiles that is simply stunning and oh-so coveted, especially by brides. There's something about lace that just makes a girl feel like a bride. Even if she ends up in a plain gown without a bit of lace on it, a bride will then often find a way to incorporate lace with her accessories like her veil or a bolero jacket. Brides love lace- it's just a fact. Lace only seems to be gaining popularity, so in an effort to help you find the perfect lace gown for your wedding day, we've put together this blog to help inform you of what is out there.

The trickiest thing about lace is its cost. Lace is expensive, and high quality lace is REALLY expensive. To illustrate the various costs of lace, we've put together some photos of lace gowns in our store and the general price range they fall into.

One of the most frequent requests we get in our store is for a lace gown with some type of strap or cap sleeve. V-neck sleeveless gowns are often requested, too.


Obviously, the bigger the budget, the more options available to you, however, if lace is something you want, we DO have something for every budget. For the bride looking to spend less than $1,000, we have several amazing bridesmaid gowns including the one pictured above. Many bridesmaid gowns are available in white or ivory, and are as beautiful and elegant as many bridal gowns. You probably didn't even realize the gown on the left was a bridesmaid dress until I told you so.
When a bride pictures herself in lace, it usually isn't just in small bits- she wants lace from head to toe. Slim-fitting silhouettes are far and away the most popular shapes for lace gowns. Again, we have something for everyone and every price point:
The dress on the left is from the Encore Collection by Watters and is available in full length for a small additional charge, so don't be deterred by the length in the photo. The other three dresses show the variety in necklines available- there is everything from sweetheart to high necklines and everything in between.
Not every lace-loving bride wants a slim silhouette- we get plenty of brides looking for lace AND a full skirt. Again, there are lots of options. However, once you start getting into fuller dresses, the lowest price point tends to disappear as you can see:
While there is something out there for every style and price point, sometimes the budget doesn't always match up with the wishes of the bride. To help you in your search, check out the list below. It will help you narrow your search and find the perfect lace dress within your budget. Good luck and most of all remember to have fun shopping! Finding your bridal gown should be a great experience!
For lace under $1,000:
For lace $1,000- $2,000:
- Wtoo
For lace $2,000- $4,000:
For lace over $4,000:
- Alvina Valenta


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  1. All of your options are so delicate and feminine. I don't know how I would choose!

    xoxo Desla



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