Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meet Our Bride: Kay

We have a lot of brides who ask us about how to travel with their wedding gown. Some get married overseas, others across the country. Some travel in cars, others on planes. All of our brides leave with their dress in an opaque, white bridal bag with our Madeleine's Daughter logo on the front. As if traveling isn't stressful enough, it's even more so when you have such precious cargo as a wedding gown!
Our bride Kay traveled overseas with her gown and wrote to tell us about the experience:
“I had a lovely experience at Madeleine’s Daughter. The decision process was made very simple and straightforward. Having the number of dresses shown limited was exactly what I wanted and keeping the showings within my price range saved everyone from heartache. Everyone was very straightforward with pricing but also flexible which surprised me and was greatly appreciated. There was no pressure to go above budget or push me outside my comfort zone. While everyone was complimentary, there was no over the top 'Say Yes to the Dress' frivolity; I was told what looked good and what didn't and I really appreciated that. The staff was very sweet and worked with my schedule; when my sister came in from out of town they squeezed me in so I could show her the dress. My mom decided to buy me the veil as a gift and the staff easily determined which one, what color, and ordered it without any issue, all over the phone with my mother overseas. I was very impressed by the amount the staff knew about the dresses and designers; it really helped me feel more confident in my purchase. All around a great experience! I was proud to be carrying a Madeleine's Daughter dress bag through the airport. Thank you so much!”

Did you travel far with your wedding gown? How did you do it? Was it very stressful for you? Leave a comment or send an email and tell us all about it

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