Saturday, September 8, 2012

Meet Our Bride: Jenah

I'm sure you've heard the story- the bride who shops at dozens of places and tries on dozens of dresses at each place and yet just can't seem to find what she wants! It happens all the time. Dresses look so different hanging than they do when they are on an actual bride, so it's not surprising that it's hard for someone to find the perfect dress based solely on seeing them hanging on a rack. Our consultants are so experienced and knowledgable about our gowns that it's not surprising to us when they find the perfect dress almost immediately. They know the way every gown fits and what body type will work best with each one. After a few minutes getting to know a bride, it doesn't take very long after that to find the perfect dress. Jenah was a bride who had visited lots of shops and was feeling frustrated when she finally walked in our doors.

Here's an email she sent to us recently:
"I just wanted to say thank you for making my wedding dress so perfect. It was exactly what I wanted and fit my personality perfectly. Madeleine's Daughter made me feel pampered from start to finish and I recommend it to all of my friends who are on their way down the aisle. I was at my wits end by the time I came to Madeleine's Daughter having visited ten other salons without finding anything that really spoke to me. After asking me a few questions about my personality and what my wedding plans were, my consultant was able to find a dress almost instantly. My seamstress tailored that dress to fit my body perfectly. Not only did I feel beautiful on my wedding day but I felt so COMFORTABLE in my dress. Working with everyone at Madeleine's Daughter was effortless. Thank you for an amazing experience, a beautiful dress, and making our perfect day possible."

We're so glad Jenah's experience was great- finding and altering her dress. Of course we would love it if every single bride had a similar experience. If you want to share what it was like finding and altering your dress at Madeleine's Daughter, email us today!

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