Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wedding Curveballs: Pregnant Bridesmaid

Every wedding will have certain aspects that don't go according to plan. When this happens, you have two choices:

1.) Throw a temper tantrum and cry all day to anyone who will listen.
2.) Face the problem with a positive attitude and ask for help from the people who know best.

Option #1 will always earn you the title of "Bride-zilla," but given how overwhelming it can be to plan a wedding, it's understandable why you may want to go that route. Option #2 is what every bride WANTS to do, but there are so many variables, that sometimes getting thrown a curveball can really be hard to handle even for the best of us.

One type of wedding-related curveball that we see all the time in our store is the pregnant bridesmaid. When we book a bridesmaid party, the consultant nearly always starts by asking, "Is anyone pregnant, or planning to be pregnant at the time of the wedding?" Getting pregnant can be a very personal and private experience, so even when confronted with the question, there's no guarantee the bridesmaid will come right out and admit it. In many cases, we often get a phone call later that week:

"Hi- I was in a few days ago picking out bridesmaid dresses for my friend's wedding, but I'm pregnant so now I don't know what to do."

Even worse is the phone call AFTER the bridesmaids have all ordered their dresses:

"Hi- I ordered a dress for my friend's wedding, but now I'm pregnant. I'll be six months along by the wedding date. What should I do?"

In the first case, the solution is simple: as the bride, you may want to tell that bridesmaid to order a maternity bridesmaid dress instead of the style you originally chose. Several of the lines we carry in our store offer maternity dresses in the same colors and fabrics as the other non-maternity designs:

Another alternative is to select a style dress with an empire waist and a loose-fitting skirt that will accommodate a baby bump, like these by Dessy:

If you know well in advance of your bridesmaid's pregnancy, it's easy to choose a dress that she will be comfortable wearing. Of course, it doesn't always work out that way. There are plenty of reasons why you may not know about her bun-in-the-oven until it's too late and the dresses have already been ordered. In that case, the challenge is a little bit tougher, but not impossible. Much like our store policy, most bridal shops will not take returns on special order dresses like bridesmaid dresses. It's also very difficult to change the size that your bridesmaid chose once an order has been submitted to the designer. Because of this, your pregnant bridesmaid may find herself with a dress that won't fit around her bump. Don't worry- even this type of situation isn't impossible to deal with.

In the hands of a capable seamstress, any dress can be taken apart, re-designed and put back together to accommodate just about anything. Sometimes, it's a simple matter of letting the dress out an inch or so to accommodate a small baby bump. In other cases, the dress may be way too tight and you will have to explore another alterative. For example, you could always order a couple of yards of matching fabric from the designer. Your bridesmaid could take her dress to a seamstress and actually have part of it re-designed to accommodate her growing bump. A straight skirt could be re-cut into a fuller silhouette, or the bodice can be re-cut to be slightly larger than the size ordered.

The seamstresses in our shop have encountered this type of situation over and over again. As long as it is possible to order extra fabric, there are endless possibilities to altering a dress for a pregnant bridesmaid.

Just remember: much like your wedding day, your bridesmaid's pregnancy is something to celebrate. Approach her the way you would want to be approached if the situation were reversed and you'll both end up happy on your wedding day.

Are you a bride who had a pregnant bridesmaid? How did you handle the situation? Maybe you're a bridesmaid who found out she was pregnant after the dresses were ordered. What did you end up wearing? Leave a comment below and tell us all about your experience!


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  2. Will 2 yards of extra fabric be enough to alter a bridesmaid dress that was ordered in the right size to fit the bridesmaids only for the dress to be put in production for the bridesmaid to find she will be 6 months pregnant at the wedding? As the bride and future Auntie I'm trying to help her out as best as possible with the dress alterations. The salon wasn't sure how much fabric would be needed but said a seamstress would be able to make the back a corset instead of zip up.

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