Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding Curveballs: Delayed Dress

It's nearly always a shock when we tell our brides that it can take up to six months for a wedding gown to come in. At certain times of the year, it can take even longer. Nearly all the wedding dresses that we carry in our store are made to order- they are not sitting in a warehouse somewhere just waiting to be purchased. That is why it can take several months for the dress to come in. Without going into all the boring minutiae of what happens when ordering a wedding gown (paperwork, cutting, sewing, beading, etc.), not to mention the various processes and excentricities of various designers, let's talk about how to avoid the wedding curveball of the dreaded delayed dress.

The best way to avoid dealing with rush fees for ordering or altering a dress is to find it well in advance. Shop for your gown at least a year before the wedding. Begin by looking at the designers and dress styles you like. Make an appointment to try some of the dresses on and let our experienced consultants help narrow down your choices. Once you've found "the One," stop looking and order it! If it takes the full six months to come in, then ordering it a year in advance will still give you six additional months to narrow down your accessories and order them as well. Finally, we always reserve at least three months for the alterations process. In other words, add three more months to the six months it takes for the dress to come in and you've got the bare minimum number of months to order the dress.

For all of you out there who are getting married in less than 9 or 10 months and who just freaked out because you don't have your dress, don't stress out completely. There are still plenty of options for you:
- Consider purchasing a sample dress off the rack- instead of waiting six months, you'll have your dress by the end of your appointment!
- Add a rush to the dress order. Usually, this gets the dress here a couple of weeks sooner, and every little bit helps!
- Have the alterations done in less time- you may pay a small rush fee here as well, but you'll also have peace of mind!

Whether your wedding is two years down the road or two weeks from today, there IS a dress out there for you, so make an appointment at our shop today to come in and find yours!

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