Thursday, July 12, 2012

Juhree's Journal: Monique Lhuillier Trunk Show!

We host over a dozen trunk shows throughout the year, but there is one that our Store Manager Juhree looks forward to more than any other: Monique Lhuillier. She was nice enough to take a few minutes to tell you what exactly is so exciting about a Monique Lhuillier trunk show. Enjoy!

In all the years that I've been working here at Madeleine's Daughter, I never lose my excitement for a Monique Lhuillier trunk show. When we go to bridal market to see the new collections, hers is always one of my favorite shows, but having her dresses here in our store is even more exciting to me.

What makes Monique Lhuillier so special is that she is truly a trend-setter. Designs she developed years ago will inevitably be copied by so many other designers around the world over the following seasons, but in the end, nothing truly compares. Her gowns flatter a woman's body like no others and her textiles and trims are so luxurious. Wearing a Monique gown feels so different from any other- and it doesn't hurt that she LINES her dresses in silk, too!

Monique's designs are beautifully feminine and so flattering and when it comes to creating unique designs, she has definitely cornered the market. Her fabrics are so unique, but you have to see and feel them to believe it.

Juhree's clearly a fan of Monique, but what about you? If you're a fan and thinking of wearing a Monique gown for your wedding, call today to book your appointment for our trunk show. We'll have even more Monique gowns in the store specifically for this event on August 10-11, but only for those two days! The gown move on to the next trunk show somewhere else in the country after that weekend, so if you are looking for an opportunity to see as many Monique gowns as possible, this is your chance! Call us today- 603-431-5454!

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