Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Sash"-ay Down the Aisle

Your wedding day is broken into two important sections; the somewhat serious ceremony and the "get down and party" reception. A great way to give your wedding dress two looks for each part of the day is with a sash! You can "sash-ay" down the aisle with a classic ivory or colored ribbon and jazz it up by tying it differently for the reception OR you could replace it with a beaded belt for the reception. Nothing says party like some BLING! There are a myriad of ways you can change the look of your dress with this versatile accessory.

(insert pic of MLH gown)
This Monique Lhuillier wedding gown is to die for as is but add a 4" sash and it changes the look:

Even with a simple bow you have options; you can tie it in the back, move it to the front or turn it to the side and make it assymetrical:

You can also keep it wide or fold it over for a more petite look:

What fun! A little note to remember is you'll be carrying a bouquet down the aisle so consider having the detail (like the bow) in the back during the ceremony and moving it to the front for the reception look.

We have a lot of fun tying sashes in different ways. This look shows the sash tied up in the shape of a rose:

 Best part of this look is the flower won't wilt while you dance. Another fun and uniuqe look for a sash is this Asian inspired-obi type wrap:

Just bring the sash around your waist and criss cross it in the front bringing it back around your waist to tie in the back. It makes a great statment and becomes the focal point of your dress.

Are you an accessory afficionado and can't get enough? Then why not add a family heirloom like a brooch or a fun flirty flower pin to the mix like this:

The best part about all these accessories mentioned in this blog is that they truly can be worn again!

Did you include a sash with your wedding day look? Please feel free to email us pictures so we can show you off in our blog!

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  1. Great suggestion about positioning the sash differently for the ceremony and for the reception!



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