Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meet Our Bride: Emma

One thing that is surprising to us is when brides tell us how unpleasant or difficult shopping for a bridal gown has been for them. Whether they have struggled with rude salespeople, or disorganized bridal shops, or just general frustrations, we are baffled. After all, shopping for a bridal gown should be one of the most fun, exciting things you'll ever do (aside from actually getting married, of course)! People often remark that our bridal consultants here at Madeleine's seem to really enjoy their jobs. Of course they do! It's so much fun to help a bride find the perfect dress. I suppose that's why it baffles us when we hear about unpleasant experiences. Fortunately, our bride Emma didn't give up when she felt frustrated with her search. Instead, she tried one more store- ours! And in the end, she found the perfect dress:

Here's how Emma tells it:
“My experience at Madeleine's Daughter was refreshingly pleasant.  The sales person that I worked with listened to what I was hoping to find, and showed me a great selection of very nice dresses.  She was energetic and seemed to love her job, which made my experience much more enjoyable.  Overall I found Madeleine's Daughter offered a great selection of dresses in various price ranges, and it was leagues apart from any other NH bridal boutique (and I may have visited them all).”

We're glad to hear we stood out from the crowd and even more glad that we were the ones to help her find the perfect dress.

Whether you started your bridal gown shopping experience with us, or another store, we want to hear about what it was like for you. Email us today with your story and don't forget the photos!

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  1. The best testimonial...a happy & appreciative customer!



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