Thursday, June 14, 2012

Juhree's Journal: My Appointment is for WHAT?!?

Brides call all the time requesting a "fitting", when they actually mean they want to shop for a gown. Other times, they come in for a "try-on" and are suprised when there isn't a seamstress ready with pins. Like any industry, we have our own lingo to describe all the different types of appointments we offer, which can be pretty confusing to our customers. Here's a brief explanation from our store manager- Juhree- of the most common types of appointmens we schedule:

First Bridal Consultation- This is the first visit for a bride who is coming in to shop for her bridal gown. She may have shopped elsewhere, but this is her first visit here at Madeleine's Daughter. She will be paired with a bridal consultant who will help her find her dream dress!

Return Bridal Consultation- If a bride has shopped for a bridal gown here but did not purchase at her first visit, she is always welcome back to either see her favorite dress again or look at new ones. Typically, this appointment would be with the same consultant she met with at her First Bridal Consultation.

Try-On- After a bride has ordered her dress, there is a pretty substantial waiting period until it arrives, usually between 4 snd 6 months. A "try-on" appointment is what we schedule once a customer has been notified that her dress has arrived. We love to combine this appointment into what we call a "try-on"/accessory appointment. This is when we shop for anything else she may need. This can be a veil, jewelry, headpiece, etc. Most importantly, however, this is when she wants to purchase her  undergarments and shoes as they are crucial to have prior to her first "fitting."

Fitting- After a dress arrives, customers are now free to schedule their fittings. Renee, our fabulous Alterations Manager, will assign each customer a seamstress and schedule three fitting appointments spread out over a three month period.

Now that you have thoroughly been schooled in Madeleine's Daughter jargon, call us at 603-431-5454 and let us know which appointment you'd like to schedule! Or visit our website and book an appointment online!

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