Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meet Our Bride: Holly

At Madeleine's Daughter, we are a "full service" bridal salon, which means that whatever your bridal gown, accessory or alterations needs, we are able to help you. When a bride is able to come to us for her every need, we develop a special bond with her. When her dress finally leaves our store just a day or two before her wedding, it's a bittersweet moment for us. But in the end, we're so happy for her and even more happy when she is nice enough to send us some photos and tell us what it was like coming her throughout the months before her wedding.

Holly is one of our brides who found her dress here and then also used our alterations service to have it beautifully tailored.

Here is Holly's story: "I absolutely loved working with Madeleine's Daughter! This was the first and only place that I went looking for my wedding dress. The bridal consultant that I worked with was attentive and really listened to what I was looking for, and even though I tried on several dresses, I ended up falling in love with the second one that I tried on. The attention and level of service was amazing from everyone. The seamstress that I worked with was very sweet and her work and attention to detail was wonderful.  At Madeleine's Daughter it was really about me and I was made to feel special. You made me feel like I was the most important person to walk through the door every time I was there. The wedding was amazing and everything that I ever wanted. Thank you for playing such a special role in our big day!"

What part of Madeleine's Daughter did YOU take advantage of? Did you find your dress here? What about the accessories? And the alterations? Did you use our seamstresses? Leave a comment below or email us today to tell us about your experience. And don't forget to send us pictures!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Sash"-ay Down the Aisle

Your wedding day is broken into two important sections; the somewhat serious ceremony and the "get down and party" reception. A great way to give your wedding dress two looks for each part of the day is with a sash! You can "sash-ay" down the aisle with a classic ivory or colored ribbon and jazz it up by tying it differently for the reception OR you could replace it with a beaded belt for the reception. Nothing says party like some BLING! There are a myriad of ways you can change the look of your dress with this versatile accessory.

(insert pic of MLH gown)
This Monique Lhuillier wedding gown is to die for as is but add a 4" sash and it changes the look:

Even with a simple bow you have options; you can tie it in the back, move it to the front or turn it to the side and make it assymetrical:

You can also keep it wide or fold it over for a more petite look:

What fun! A little note to remember is you'll be carrying a bouquet down the aisle so consider having the detail (like the bow) in the back during the ceremony and moving it to the front for the reception look.

We have a lot of fun tying sashes in different ways. This look shows the sash tied up in the shape of a rose:

 Best part of this look is the flower won't wilt while you dance. Another fun and uniuqe look for a sash is this Asian inspired-obi type wrap:

Just bring the sash around your waist and criss cross it in the front bringing it back around your waist to tie in the back. It makes a great statment and becomes the focal point of your dress.

Are you an accessory afficionado and can't get enough? Then why not add a family heirloom like a brooch or a fun flirty flower pin to the mix like this:

The best part about all these accessories mentioned in this blog is that they truly can be worn again!

Did you include a sash with your wedding day look? Please feel free to email us pictures so we can show you off in our blog!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Meet Our Bride: Stephanie

At Madeleine's Daughter, we pride ourselves on being the best in the industry. We truly believe that our selection of dresses, our bridal consultants, our seamstresses- everything is the best there is. Every day we work hard to keep it that way, too! So you can imagine how great it feels when one of our brides tells us how great SHE thinks we are!

Stephanie had a great experience in our store- not just when she first came in, but throughout the process. I'll let her tell you all about it:

"I had the most wonderful experience at Madeleine’s Daughter! My consultant was amazing and always so helpful as was the rest of the staff. From my very first visit at Madeleine’s I was very, very happy! I had gone to a few other bridal shops and had been very disappointed. When I went to Madeleine’s, I was treated the way every bride should be treated. Our wedding was a little unique, my husband and I were already married but we had not had our "Big Wedding" yet, due to an overseas deployment with the Army. So, I was pretty emotional and wanted be make sure I looked my BEST for my husband when he returned for our big day. My consultant was so understanding and just amazing. I loved that I was able to bring my friends and my family with me anytime. I loved that I was able to try on so many dresses in my price range and that my consultant worked with me until I found my dress. Thank you again Madeleine’s Daughter for making my day and my experience so unforgettable! I will continue to recommend my friends and family to the BEST BRIDAL SALON in NH!"

Every bride is unique and so is her story and her motivation behind choosing "the gown." That's part of what makes this industry so unique and so wonderful to be a part of. Leave a comment below or email us today to tell us YOUR unique story.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet the Staff: Kerry

In continuation of our "Meet the Staff" series, we'd like to introduce you to Kerry:

How long have you been a bridal consultant at Madeleine's Daughter? I've been here for over 7 years!

Who is your favorite designer/dress? Alvina Valenta- I love the feminine and classic looks- #9161 especially because of the tiered hem and satin ribbon sash.

How would you describe your approach in helping a bride find her dress? My approach is to find out as much as possible about the bride, her finace or partner and family and leanr what she is looking for in a wedding dress. I have a very personal and logical approach. Get to know my bride, tel her about the process, PAMPER her (and maybe in some cases slightly torture her- some of those sample sizes are small!) and go through a process of elimination with her to find the right dress.

What is your most memorable experience at Madeleine's Daughter? I have had the pleasure of helping my sister-in-law, sister, cousin and several friends find their wedding dresses here, but I have to say that it was a great day when my little sister came in and found her dress. I loved sharing that experience with her and making her feel special.

In ONE word, describe what it's like to have an appointment with you. Personable

What is your favorite type of bridal accessory? Feather and/or flower hair combs

What advice do you have for a bride coming to Madeleine's Daughter to find her dress? Come with an idea of what you are looking for even if it's just a feeling of how you want to look- formal, informal, sexy, classic, etc.

What is yor favorite thing about working in the bridal industry? Traveling to Chicago and New York to meet the designers and see the latest collections.

Coffee or tea? Neither! Water.
White, milk or dark chocolate? White
Cats or dogs? Cats

Kerry's years of experience here certainly show when she's working with a bride- not only when it comes to finding the dress, but in accessorizing it, too. If you've worked with Kerry and have a story to share, leave a comment below or send us an email to tell us all about it. We love to hear from our brides from 20 days ago or 20 years ago!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meet Our Bride: Emma

One thing that is surprising to us is when brides tell us how unpleasant or difficult shopping for a bridal gown has been for them. Whether they have struggled with rude salespeople, or disorganized bridal shops, or just general frustrations, we are baffled. After all, shopping for a bridal gown should be one of the most fun, exciting things you'll ever do (aside from actually getting married, of course)! People often remark that our bridal consultants here at Madeleine's seem to really enjoy their jobs. Of course they do! It's so much fun to help a bride find the perfect dress. I suppose that's why it baffles us when we hear about unpleasant experiences. Fortunately, our bride Emma didn't give up when she felt frustrated with her search. Instead, she tried one more store- ours! And in the end, she found the perfect dress:

Here's how Emma tells it:
“My experience at Madeleine's Daughter was refreshingly pleasant.  The sales person that I worked with listened to what I was hoping to find, and showed me a great selection of very nice dresses.  She was energetic and seemed to love her job, which made my experience much more enjoyable.  Overall I found Madeleine's Daughter offered a great selection of dresses in various price ranges, and it was leagues apart from any other NH bridal boutique (and I may have visited them all).”

We're glad to hear we stood out from the crowd and even more glad that we were the ones to help her find the perfect dress.

Whether you started your bridal gown shopping experience with us, or another store, we want to hear about what it was like for you. Email us today with your story and don't forget the photos!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Juhree's Journal: My Appointment is for WHAT?!?

Brides call all the time requesting a "fitting", when they actually mean they want to shop for a gown. Other times, they come in for a "try-on" and are suprised when there isn't a seamstress ready with pins. Like any industry, we have our own lingo to describe all the different types of appointments we offer, which can be pretty confusing to our customers. Here's a brief explanation from our store manager- Juhree- of the most common types of appointmens we schedule:

First Bridal Consultation- This is the first visit for a bride who is coming in to shop for her bridal gown. She may have shopped elsewhere, but this is her first visit here at Madeleine's Daughter. She will be paired with a bridal consultant who will help her find her dream dress!

Return Bridal Consultation- If a bride has shopped for a bridal gown here but did not purchase at her first visit, she is always welcome back to either see her favorite dress again or look at new ones. Typically, this appointment would be with the same consultant she met with at her First Bridal Consultation.

Try-On- After a bride has ordered her dress, there is a pretty substantial waiting period until it arrives, usually between 4 snd 6 months. A "try-on" appointment is what we schedule once a customer has been notified that her dress has arrived. We love to combine this appointment into what we call a "try-on"/accessory appointment. This is when we shop for anything else she may need. This can be a veil, jewelry, headpiece, etc. Most importantly, however, this is when she wants to purchase her  undergarments and shoes as they are crucial to have prior to her first "fitting."

Fitting- After a dress arrives, customers are now free to schedule their fittings. Renee, our fabulous Alterations Manager, will assign each customer a seamstress and schedule three fitting appointments spread out over a three month period.

Now that you have thoroughly been schooled in Madeleine's Daughter jargon, call us at 603-431-5454 and let us know which appointment you'd like to schedule! Or visit our website and book an appointment online!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Meet Our Bride: MacKenzie

For some brides, shopping for a wedding gown involves trying on dozens and dozens of dresses. Others put on one or two and find "the one." Most common, however, is trying on as many as our bride MacKenzie- about 10-15. Since our consultants are so good at narrowing down the selection, it's rare to need to try on many more than that.

Here's MacKenzie's story:
“My experience at Madeleine’s Daughter was better than I could have ever imagined.  I still can't believe you were the first and only bridal shop I went to!  I only had to try on 10-15 gowns before I found "the one!"  Staff was so friendly and helpful.  I could not have asked for a better experience!  Thank you for helping me to find my beautiful wedding dress!!  I got so many compliments at the wedding! :) Thanks!”

How many wedding dresses did YOU try on before you found "the one?" 1? 10? 100? Send us an email or leave a comment below to tell us about your experience shopping for a gown. What made your experience memorable? We want to know!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What is a "Sample Viewing?"

We receive phone calls nearly every day with brides asking about specific styles of dresses. They have the style number and they want to know, "Do you have the sample in your store?" A wedding gown is a major once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so it's understandable that you would want to try on the dress before you buy it.

Fortunately, even if we don't carry the specific style you are looking for in our store, as long as we carry that designer, we can almost always get a "sample viewing" of that style for you. "Sample viewing" is just an industry term for "borrow the gown." Regardless of the dress you are looking for, there IS a sample of it out there, somewhere. Rather than spend all your time calling different bridal shops trying to hunt down a dress, when you do a sample viewing, you let us do the work for you. We'll call the designer directly and find out if that dress is available for us to borrow. The designer will usually have a specific time frame in which the dress can be borrowed. For example, it may be at a trunk show today and scheduled for another trunk show in two weeks, but in the meantime, it's available to be borrowed. They ship it out to us, you come in and try it on and then it gets shipped back to the designer or on to its next trunk show location.

We do sample viewings in our store all the time. Some designers who have recently sent us a sample viewing include Monique Lhuillier, Jenny Packham, Christos, Essense of Australia, Martina Liana, Maggie Sottero, Christina Wu and Eve of Milady.

Now that you're salivating over the idea of gorgeous gowns being shipped around the world just for you, let me break down the process and the cost for you:

Step 1: Call us today and let us know which designer and style dress you are looking for. You will have to know the style and/or name of the dress. You will be asked to put down a $250 deposit at this time.

Step 2: Once we have confirmed the dress IS available, we'll let you know the time frame. Book an appointment for a date within that time frame to come in and try on the dress. Bring your mother or someone whose opinion you trust. This may be your once chance to actually try on the dress you've been coveting.

Step 3: If you love the dress, order it! If not, that's ok. Our experienced consultants will be able to help you find a dress you DO love. Regardless of which dress you eventually order, $200 of your initial deposit will be credited toward it. The remaining $50 covers the cost of shipping the dress from the designer to us and back again. In other words, your initial $250 deposit ends up becoming a down-payment on your dress order!

Sample viewings are very exciting for both the bride and our bridal consultants. After all, it's an opportunity for us to see the dress in person, too!

We recently got to see this dress in our store because of a sample viewing and we loved having it here!

Guiliana by Monique Lhuillier

So what are you waiting for? Do you have a dress you love, but you can't find it anywhere? Let us find it for you! Call today to find out if we can get a sample viewing for YOU!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Meet Our Bride: Shana

When a bride comes into our store to try on her dress, she often remarks on how she wishes she could wear it again. And often after the wedding, we hear from our brides who way, "I wish I could do it all over again!" The wedding day can be bittersweet for that reason. It's so wonderful, but it eventually has to come to an end. Shana felt this way:

Here's her story: “Thank you so much helping make our wedding day unforgettable.  I felt absolutely beautiful on my wedding day; my dress was 'the one' I always imagined.  Everything was perfect.  You made every step of the process comfortable, personal, and fun.  Again, many thanks for all you've done--your kindness and patience go unmatched!  I wish I could do it all over again!”

We are always excited to be part of such a special day- when the dress finally leaves our store when the bride picks is up, we have that bittersweet feeling, too.

Do you wish you could do it all over again? Did you have a bittersweet feeling when your wedding day came to an end? Leave a comment below or email us to tell us all about it!


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