Thursday, May 31, 2012

You've Found Your Dress, but What Will Your Groom Wear?

When it comes to planning the bridal party attire, most of the focus remains on the bride and her bridesmaids- picking the perfect silhouette, color, fabric, etc. And then when it comes to the groomsmen, it seems like all they get to do is try to match their vest and tie to the bridesmaid color. But what about the groom? Tux or suit, necktie or bowtie, cummerbund or vest- there are actually a LOT more choices and decisions than you could ever imagine. So now that yo've found YOUR bridal look, what will your groom wear?

And our sister store Soiree has everything you could possibly need! As a Madeleine's Daughter bride, your groom and his groomsmen are entitled to special prices and incentives, so be sure to mention where you got your dress when you call Aleigh, Soiree's store manager.

But I still haven't answered the question, have I? What IS your groom going to wear? Well, here are some of the hottest trends in men's wedding attire:

2012 TREND #1: COLOR
Brides and grooms alike seem to be up for a less traditional approach to the wedding in almost every way. From the invitations to the menu to the flowers to the ceremony, couples are truly expressing themselves through their choices. Another way they've chosen to do this is to forgo the traditional all-black tuxedo for unique color options like grey and midnight blue:

Perry Ellis Madison Sterling Grey Two-Button Notch Tuxedo

Twilight in Midnight Blue by Jean Yves

Perry Ellis Madison Espresso Two-Button Notch

Brown, grey and navy are all considered neutral colors and may work better with the palate of your wedding than black- flowers, bridesmaid dresses, even your dress might look better next to a tuxedo in a color like espresso brown or charcoal grey.  

2012 TREND #2: SUITS
Is your wedding in a field or a barn? Maybe it's in your parent's backyard or some other less formal setting than a grand cathedral. In that case, maybe you don't even want a tux- maybe a suit is a better option for you. Well, your timing couldn't be better because that is another amazing trend happening right now!

Perry Ellis Windsor Latte Two-Button Dress Suit

ecko Black Chalk Stripe Two Button Notch Suit

Whether black, brown, grey, navy, tan or white, a suit can look just as nice as a tux and sometimes even nicer, depending on your venue. Keep an open mind and remember that your groom doesn't have to invest in the purchase of a new suit- at Soiree, he and his groomsmen can rent just like they would a tuxedo!


We hear from a lot of grooms that it's unfair that their groomsmen wear a fun color and they get stuck in plain old white or ivory. That's when we tell them to make a change from the ceremony to the reception! A trend for brides these days is to make a "costume change" from the ceremony to the reception- either a change of accessories, or even into an entirely different dress! So why shouldn't the groom get the same special treatment? While the ceremony should remain appropriately serious or traditional in a white or ivory vest and tie combination, there's no reason why he can't have a brightly colored vest to complement his groomsmen at the reception!

No color exudes quite as much confidence as red! Of course, not everyone can pull it off, either. Maybe your groom wants to stand out, but not quite that much. Consider choosing a different shade of the same color his groomsmen are wearing. Are they in a pale blue? Choose a darker shade for him:

No matter what, his attire should always stand out from his groomsmen, but that doesn't mean he can't have fun with it!

Whether you got your wedding dress at Madeleine's Daughter or not, Soiree is a great place to go for the best in suits and tuxedos for any wedding. Don't forget to ask for Aleigh- the store manager. She can help you out! Call or email today to schedule your appointment!

Aleigh Donlon, Soiree Prom & Tux Store Manager
(603) 427-6888


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